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Playamo offers a $/€300 + 150 free spins welcome package. Moreover, you can enjoy regular reloaded bonuses and slot races.


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Deposit bonus$/€300 + 150 free spins
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Games 3500+
Pros BitCoin; Customer experience; security
Promo Refer a friend; Cash Back
Security Direx NV
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Some of the best slot games to play on Playamo

If you take a look at Playamo, you will see that there is a monumental number of games for those who like to play online slot machines – literally thousands upon thousands! This is evidently great in one sense because it means that individuals will never get bored. Nonetheless, it can also make it hard to sift out the best games from the rest. Here are some of the best on Playamo:

  1. Horn of Plenty – There is only one place to start and this is of course with a fruit-based slot machine game. You have never played slots until you have been on a fruit one, that’s for sure. So, get ready to match your kiwis, strawberries, watermelons, and lemons, and make some cash. But why this fruit machine out of all the rest? It boasts an unparalleled x4 multiplier. 
  2. Road Trip – If you are a lover of all things American then this is the slot for you. Take a trip down Route 66 with everything from pancakes to cheeseburgers to the gorgeous cowboy waitress.
  3. Cosmopolitan This is for the ladies who like to play slots! Forget about a night out with the girls, your night out is right here. From stilettos, to oversized sunglasses, to cocktails; this is the chic and stylish slot offering. 
  4. Aladdin’s Loot – Aladdin needs no introduction that’s for sure. This classic slot machine boasts an adaption of the classic Disney film. Combine the two together and you get easy fun that is enjoyable for all. 
  5. Arcadia i3D – This is definitely the most modern slot game available today. It is in 3D after all. Literally, add another dimension to the gaming experience and you add another dimension of fun too. 
  6. Diamond Dare – This is a classic slot machine and is based on the three-coin standard. This is perfect for those who are lovers of the old school traditional slot offerings.  You don’t need to go to a casino to get a taste of this. 
  7. Roll Up Roll Up – If you are a fan of the circus then you will love this fun-filled game. It brings a bit of lightheartedness to your playing experience. From popcorn to clowns; kick back, relax, have a laugh, and enjoy the game.
  8. Code 211 – Are you ready to grab the loot before the police call a code 211? This is great for quick-paced gaming because the theme is more than relevant.
  9. Football Fever – Since the Premiership came back on screen everybody seems to have football fever. There is a massive 234 ways to win this game. Plenty of opportunities to get the three points! 
  10. Fistful of Dollars And finally, let’s end with the Wild, Wild, West. Make sure you get your cash quick before the cowboys hunt you down! Like Code 211, this is great for fast-paced gaming.

The internet is home to a whole host of fun and exciting things to do. From watching films, to playing games, to chatting with friends; the list is endless. If you are looking for something new and entertaining then why not play online slot machines? If you have never played an online slot machine before then you are seriously missing out. Not only is there a lot of fun entailed, but there are several other fantastic benefits too. Read on to discover what these are…

It’s full of fun

Let’s begin with the most important point of them all; you are going to seriously enjoy yourself. Online slot machines provide entertainment all people can joy (if you are over the legal gambling age limit of course). The buzz you will get as you wait to see whether you have won or not is something that is hard to describe. 

There are a lot of online slot machine games to choose from

You won’t be stuck to the one mere game. There are lots of different takes on the popular online machines. This means that you will never get bored. Once you have had enough with one particular slot machine there will be plenty of others for you to select from.

It is really easy to get started

One of the best things about online slot machines is the ease and convenience of it all. All you need to do is log on to your computer and head to your casino website of choice. It is as simple as that. Within a few mere minutes, you can be having heaps of fun. 

You will get to enjoy a wealth of promotions

Online casino companies are inundating their customers with five-star promotions at the moment. This is the way they stand out from the crowd and entice customers to choose them over the other casinos that are available. If you are savvy then you can find some fantastic deals. Many casinos offer free games or free cash to spend on slot machines. It is no fluke either. These businesses know that if they can tempt you to play with them you are likely to use them for a longer period of time. 

You can feel at ease whilst playing

A lot of people do not like visiting casinos because they feel on edge. They don’t like the thought of people watching them and thus they cannot enjoy the experience as much as they would like to. When playing online you don’t need to worry about any of this. You can lay in bed in your pyjamas and play on your laptop if you really want to. 

There is definitely a lot to love about playing shot machines online. They provide you with a lot of fun and give you the opportunity to make a bit of cash as well. No wonder more and more people are choosing to enjoy this activity. 

Playamo is a great place to start your online slot experience 

Playamo is proud to present one of the most diverse selections of slot games available today. The company has worked extremely hard to ensure they offer casino slots online for all of their users to enjoy. This is why they present a huge number of slots with various themes and different playing options. From modern to traditional games, Playamo has it all. 

The mix between classic and contemporary games is something that appeals to most users. When it comes to traditional slot games, Playamo presents all of the following – Dream Wheel, Diamond Dare, Rising Sun, Wild Berry, Scorching Sevens, Break the Bank, and much, much more. However, what truly makes the company unique is the fact that they have a wealth of new slot games for individuals to choose from. This includes the likes of Royal Banquet, Aladdin’s Loot, Max Cash, Purse of the Mummy, Perfect Date, Legends of Avalon, Fistful of Dollars, and more. The company is constantly making an effort to add new games to their current offering, so there is always fresh fun to be had. 

Aside from presenting a diverse selection of casino slots online, one of the main reasons Playamo has managed to achieve such a leading reputation in the industry is because they do not force users to download software. Most casino companies require users to download software if they wish to enjoy any of the games on offer. However, Playamo prides itself on providing a convenient playing experience, and so no download is necessary for any of the slot games offered on their website. All individuals need to do is select a game of their choice and it will open

Another way in which this company stands out from the crowd is by not forcing users to pay to play. Most online casinos are profiting making companies. Therefore, they make it mandatory for individuals to make a deposit, and a lot of them do not offer free play. This does not occur at Playamo. Individuals do not have to spend a penny if they do not wish to do so. Free access to all games is available. 

What are some of the main benefits of Playamo?

There are a lot of reasons why Playamo has become such a popular choice. This includes all of the following:

  • Free-spin Mondays
  • Recurring slot tournaments
  • Bitcoin is accepted, as well as the traditional banking methods you would expect
  • The withdrawal process is quick
  • Massive selection of slot games


There are a number of great things on the banking front when it comes to Playamo. Firstly, Playamo accepts a greater number of payment options, with Bitcoin being accepted here. In fact, not only is Bitcoin accepted by Playamo, but there are a lot of different games that can be played in Bitcoin format as well. This means that when you play the slot, the credit value will be mBTC and BTC, as opposed to being transferred to traditional currency. 

Nevertheless, there is one drawback. This is the fact that there is a 0.2% free for anyone who uses Bitcoin. This fee is applied both when you deposit and withdraw money, and so this can be a deterrence for someone who is interested in playing with Bitcoin. 

In addition to this, the financial program enables payments within a 12-hour payment turnaround. This does depend on the sort of payout you choose, though. Debit cards and credit cards can take longer. However, the fact that such a quick payout is offered is a huge benefit. 


Online casinos are battling it out against one and another to gain your business. If you look online or see advertisements on the TV you will note that there are an array of casino bonuses offered online nowadays. It is almost impossible to keep up. Here are the main ones:

Refer a Friend Bonus

If you refer a friend to the casino website then you will get a bonus e.g. a free £5 to play with. Your friend will typically either have to sign up via a link you have provided or they will need to enter your details at some point during the signing up process.

No Deposit Bonus

This tends to be one of the most popular bonuses offered. A no deposit bonus means that you get free cash to play with simply via signing up. You don’t have to deposit any money yourself. This gives individuals the opportunity to start reaping profit without actually investing any money.

Matching Deposit Bonuses

This bonus is one whereby the company will give you the equivalent of what you have deposited for free. Thus, say you sign up to a casino website and deposit £20, the casino will also gift you £20 too. This means that you will end up with £40 to play with. This is great for the consumer and the casino. You obviously get to double your investment. It also benefits the casino because people are more likely to deposit more if they know they are getting twice as much cash. 

Loyalty Bonuses

Most online casinos have loyalty bonuses in place. They differ from company to company. Yet, essentially it is a scheme that rewards those who use the site frequently. For instance, you could get a point for every slot machine game you play. Each point could be the equivalent to a certain amount of bonus money to play with. This gives customers another reason to play more frequently. 

Cashback Bonus

Last but not least we have the cash back bonus. Players will get some of their money back. For instance, if you are on a 20 per cent cash back bonus and you lose £10 you will get £1 back. This is not a way to make money but it is definitely a way to prolong your playing experience and cut your losses. 

Do you have any tips for first-time users of Playamo?

There is a lot of fun to be had by playing slot machines on the internet. Nevertheless, a lot of people worry about doing so. This is understandable; after all, online casinos do receive bad press because there is always the concern that people will end up spending too much money and becoming addicted. Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge the fact that this only occurs in rare instances. Furthermore, if you use the following tips that are going to be presented in this article, then you will have all the information to ensure that you get the most out of your experience in terms of fun but that you also play slot machine online safely too. 

  • Set yourself a limit before you start playing – Before you begin playing the slot machine in question you should set yourself a limit. For example, you can say you are only going to spend £10 on slot machines today. When that £10 runs out you have to stop playing. This ensures you do not end up spending more money than you should. 
  • Set a profit limit – It is also recommended to set a limit in terms of how much you want to take out of your bankroll. This ensures you do not just squander any winnings you make. Instead, you will withdraw them into your bank account and thus you will actually get to enjoy the cash instead. 
  • Play for fun – If you are looking to play for the sole purpose of making a profit then you are definitely in the wrong game. Let’s make it clear; slot machines are provided for fun and fun only. If you win some added cash then great, but that should not be the reason why you are doing it. 
  • Join a forum – There are so many people who play online slot machines at present. So, why not enjoy the experience with them? It enhances the fun when you share your success stories with others (as well as your not so good stories too!)
  • If you can feel yourself getting frustrated have a get-out activity – If you can feel yourself getting annoyed and frustrated because you are not winning then it is definitely time to stop playing. You need to have an activity; go for a walk, ring a friend, turn on the television. Have an immediate way of taking your mind off of the game. Playing online slot machines should definitely not be your only hobby. 
  • Don’t waste your money buying books etc. – If you take a look online then you will see that there is a wealth of books that are dedicated to ‘mastering the art of online slot machines’. Don’t waste your time. In the grand scheme of things slot machines are largely down the pot luck, you can’t win each and every single time. 

If you follow these tips then you will definitely enjoy your experience a lot more. Not only will you have a fun experience but you won’t run the risk of spending too much money either. 

What sort of slot games are there?

Slots have long been the most popular game at the casino and online slot machines are undoubtedly in their plentiful in the current day and age. All you need to do is take a look on the internet to see the wealth of different options at your disposal. Of course, there are various different themes. You can find slot games based on anything from the traditional fruit versions, to football, to Aladdin, to cowboys and Indians, and so on and so forth. However, there is also a diversification when it comes to how the slots are played. So, what are the different sorts of slots on Playamo?

Progressive – Let’s begin with one of the easier slot machines to understand. Progressive slots merely mean that they are all connected to one general system. This is beneficial because it gives individuals the chance to win a big jackpot. 

Three reel and five reel – Many would be in agreement that this is the most popular type of slot available today. The concept of both of these versions is exactly the same. The only difference is that the five-reel has two more reels than the former type. But how do these online slots work? You essentially have various different ways of winning, such as; multipliers, multiple pay lines, a single pay line, and an array of bonuses. 

Straight – A straight slot machine is the opposite of a progressive one. Therefore, every machine has its own jackpot. There are several different types of straight slot machines, including; multi-pay line, multiplier, and bonus multiplier. Multi-pay line games are whereby one coin you bet will automatically activate one pay line, thus the more betted the more pay-lines activated. A multiplier slot depends on the amount you betted, the bonus version simply offers more bonus opportunities. 

Video – Last but not least, we have video slots, these are extremely popular in the online world. These do not have any reels instead they are controlled by computer chips. The Random Number Generator (RNG) will determine the results. This actually means that whilst the slot is turning your fate has already been determined. You can get various different types of video slots but in general, they tend to be either five reel slots or seven reel slots. 


150 free spins+$/€300Visit Playamo

Playamo offers a $/€300 + 150 free spins welcome package. Moreover, you can enjoy regular reloaded bonuses and slot races.


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