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Betfair Casino

4.5 / 5
Betfair Casino Review
Welcome bonus50 Free Spins
Website betfair.casino.com
Stock market London Stock Exchange
Games Video slots; Live; Poker
Gaming Authority License UKGC + Malta
Live Casino Playtech
Pros Monthly Promo; top providers
Promo Weekly tournaments
Customer service Live Chat and FAQs
Demo Mode Supported
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Betfair is one of the biggest names in the online casino world. Founded in 2000 by entrepreneurs Andrew Black and Edward Wray, the brand is synonymous with online gambling and also operates the world’s biggest Internet betting exchange.

The company has a listing on the London Stock Exchange and has over six million active customers worldwide. What’s also impressive is Betfair has around three billion online transactions each year, or 5,700 per minute.

But while those figures are undoubtedly notable and remarkable, is Betfair Casino a brand that you can trust, and one that can always offer you a fast and reliable online platform to use? You’ll find the answers to those questions and more in this comprehensive review.

Betfair Casino welcome bonuses

One thing you’ll notice about Betfair Casino is they often have welcome bonuses to entice new customers to their platform. Welcome bonuses aren’t a new thing in the world of online casino gaming.

Betfair Casino typically varies their welcome bonuses, depending on the season or time of year, and if any notable events are happening in the world. The exciting thing about Betfair Casino is they usually offer multiple welcome bonuses for new customers.

For instance, people new to Betfair Casino could enjoy free spins on certain games and have their winnings rewarded as cash they can withdraw. Other examples of new signup promotions may include matched deposits.

It’s worth noting that welcome bonuses are conditional; you won’t receive anything without meeting specific terms. The welcome bonuses that Betfair Casino offers are optional for new customers. That means people need to ‘opt-in’ to receive any rewards.

A short history of Betfair Casino

Back in 2000, the Betfair brand started off life as an online betting exchange. The concept was a revolutionary one at the time. It involved taking the process of setting odds away from traditional bookmakers and allowing punters to control that aspect of betting.

Betfair’s betting exchange concept enables individuals to set wagers at specific odds and prices, and others to make opposing wagers against those odds. 2000 was a year where online sports betting was in its infancy, and so too was the concept of a betting exchange.

Since the brand’s founding, Betfair has expanded its operations, and while it’s still the world’s biggest online betting exchange, it’s also well-known for its Betfair Casino division. Over the years, Betfair has also acquired other brands and companies.

In 2015, Betfair merged with another famous name in online betting, Paddy Power. The merger completed in 2016 and the company became Paddy Power Betfair. The two brands operate independently of each other but are part of a holding firm, Flutter Entertainment.

Today, Betfair Casino is a thriving division of the Betfair brand. It offers consumers a broad portfolio of games to play, including jackpot slots and popular table games. Betfair Casino also launches new games regularly, with some titles exclusive to customers.

Availability and range of games

Whether you use their website or one of their apps, one thing you’ll notice about Betfair Casino is the vast array of games available to play. There are hundreds of games offered, and Betfair Casino adds new ones regularly.

Customers of Betfair Casino will marvel at just how big the range of unique titles is at their disposal. There are vast collections of slots games, table options, and virtual video poker machines.

You’ll find popular classics like roulette, blackjack, slots, and poker, among other exciting new titles.

Betfair Live Casino

For an even more immersive gaming experience, Betfair Casino offers “Betfair Live Casino.” It promises customers a live dealer experience from the comfort of their homes, and it’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Powered by industry-leading Playtech software, the Betfair Live Casino is arguably at the cutting edge of live casino gaming technology. The live casino games get streamed in real-time to desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablet devices.

Examples of the live casino games available to consumers include roulette, blackjack, baccarat & sic bo and poker.

Who provides the Betfair Casino software?

Betfair Casino is an expert at creating engaging gaming experiences for their customers. They do this thanks to the expertise and knowledge of casinos and online gaming in general gained over the past two decades.

But, one thing they haven’t done is create the underlying code responsible for powering the fun and exciting online casino games available to you. Why is that the case, you might be asking yourself?

Betfair Casino has a responsibility to both their customers and the various registered gambling authorities for ensuring transparency and fairness. That’s why they outsource the programming aspect of online casino games to third-party developers.

The software developers that Betfair Casino use are some of the biggest and leading brands in their industry, and they’re legitimate companies too. Betfair Casino uses the following software developers and their gaming ‘engines’ to power the underlying code for all games:

  • Playtech;
  • Blueprint;
  • Red Tiger;
  • Play n Go;
  • Cayetano.

All technology that gets used from those software developers ensures customers have a responsive, immersive, and fun gaming experience with Betfair Casino.

Betfair Casino overview

Betfair Casino has a global reputation as being a leader in the online casino market. The platform offers consumers access to several hundred different games to play, with new ones added all the time.


Customers will be happy to know that Betfair Casino gets regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The latter is Europe’s top gaming jurisdiction, and customers will feel assured that Betfair Casino is a legitimate brand.

RTP percentages

Betfair Casino offers new customers a casino welcome bonus which rewards them after meeting certain signup conditions. The online casino platform also boasts RTP (Return to Player) percentages ranging from 90% to 97%, with games like Blackjack as high as 99.6%.

Underlying casino software

The games offered by Betfair Casino are all powered by leading software providers such as Playtech, Blueprint, and Red Tiger. Other well-known software developer brands include Play n Go and Cayetano.

What that means for consumers is the games they play on Betfair Casino use cutting-edge technology that is both immersive and legitimate. Betfair Casino is a leading global brand, so it’s in their interests to work with accredited software developers.

Access and banking options

Customers can use Betfair Casino in ten different languages, and the platform is available to use on a Mac or PC, and via apps on support Apple and Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Banking options include bank transfer, debit and credit cards, and e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Customer support

Another thing to bear in mind about Betfair Casino is they are an experienced online slots provider backed by 24/7 support. They can assist customers with any queries by live chat or email, regardless of the time or date.

What about downsides to using Betfair Casino?

Of course, there are some downsides to Betfair Casino that you should know. Firstly, the platform is only available in just one state in the USA – New Jersey – and you must verify your location within New Jersey by geolocating.

Secondly, withdrawal times can vary depending on your location in the world. For example, withdrawals to PayPal or Skrill take between four and 24 hours. Ones to debit or credit cards, or bank accounts, can take between 24 hours and five working days.

Lastly, Betfair Casino is only an online gaming platform. There are no physical locations such as bookmakers where you can play the games offered online, and so you’ll need an Internet connection and a device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Progressive jackpot slots

Progressive jackpots are ones where the jackpot amount grows each time a customer plays a game until they trigger it. The reason Betfair Casino offers progressive jackpot slots is that each player’s wagers help to boost the prizes.

In a nutshell, the more people that play a particular slots game, the higher the progressive jackpot. One of the questions game participants ask is “how regularly do progressive jackpots hit?”

The thing about progressive jackpots is they happen randomly. There’s no definitive process or ‘trick’ to making a progressive jackpot hit occur. With some games, jackpots get triggered daily, while others might happen in more prolonged periods.

Many slots games offer a single progressive jackpot, while others may boast three or four prizes ranging in a similar prize value. Despite the random nature of progressive jackpot slots, players have significantly higher odds of hitting those jackpots than winning the lottery.

Betfair Casino states that players have high RTP (Return to Player) percentages of 90% and upwards with progressive jackpot slots games. Winning players get selected at random using an internal random number generator (RNG).

Betfair Live Casino

People that enjoy experiencing a full casino experience will love Betfair Live Casino. It features human dealers and real tables broadcast live from Betfair Casino’s studios in the UK.

The dealers employed by Betfair Casino are professionals and manage every spin and deal from fully-licensed and regulated tables. Betfair Live Casino is an exciting experience that customers can enjoy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each Betfair Live Casino session gets filmed in HD (high-definition) quality and streamed on the Internet over reliable, high-speed connections. Customers can participate in a Betfair Live Casino game from their Internet-connected computers or mobile devices.

To participate, all you’ll need to do is log into your Betfair Casino account and visit the ‘lobby’ listing the available games. Each game has a full description and lists the rules of participation for clarity and transparency.

The table games available at Betfair Live Casino include:

  • Blackjack;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Sic Bo;
  • Hi-Lo;
  • Hold-em;
  • Three-card brag.

Another great thing about Betfair Live Casino is that you can chat with other players at your table using the Live Chat system. Note that you can only communicate with other players in real-time via text messages; you can’t physically see the other players.

Betfair Casino table limits

As you might expect from a responsible company, Betfair Casino impose table limits on all the casino games available to play. Doing so demonstrates responsible gambling practices and ensures that Betfair Casino follows all regulatory rules and regulations.

The wagering limits will depend on the games you choose to play with Betfair Casino. For example, minimum bets vary from one penny to £2.50 in some games, and maximum wagers range from £1 to a whopping £7,500 for high-stakes games like blackjack.

With such a diverse range of slots games offered by Betfair Casino, all customers will find games that meet their staking needs. People new to casino games may wish to start with low-stakes games so they can get used to how they work.

If you’re not ready to wager with real money, Betfair Casino offers demo slots games that allow you to play with a demo balance. Of course, if you win or even hit the jackpot in the demo games you play, you won’t win that money for real!

Customer support

When you wager money on online casino games, you want to know that there’s help available to you if you have any questions or if something goes wrong. Betfair Casino offers customers all the support they need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The company’s customer support team is available via email and through a Live Chat facility, and they attend to all questions and concerns quickly. Aside from having access to a customer support team, there are other ways that customers can get the help they need.

For example, the Betfair Casino website has a comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section with almost 400 articles covering:

  • Registration and logging into Betfair Casino;
  • Depositing and withdrawing money;
  • Gaming help, including assistance with promotions;
  • Player protection and security;
  • Using the Betfair Casino smartphone and tablet apps.

Betfair Casino’s FAQ articles also give plenty of advice on how to protect your computer from malware and phishing attacks. Plus, it provides information on how customers can report any security incidents that may have compromised their Betfair Casino accounts.

Ways to play

When it comes to playing slots and other fun casino games with Betfair Casino, customers can participate in various ways. People with desktop or laptop computers, Macs and MacBook laptops can access Betfair Casino through their website.

The company’s website uses robust SSL/TLS technology to encrypt all information sent and received between your computer and their website. You can confirm this by checking for the padlock symbol adjacent to the URL (website address) in your web browser’s address bar.

Of course, with more people choosing to go online using a mobile device, Betfair Casino lets you play your favourite slots and casino games using their dedicated mobile apps. Customers with Android and Apple devices can get the apps from their relevant app stores.

Betfair Casino also has a range of apps dedicated to specific casino games such as Live Casino and Poker. Again, they’re available for both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

If you don’t have an account with Betfair Casino and you download the apps, you can register a new account through the apps for added convenience.

Licensing and regulation

Betfair Casino prides itself on being an entirely legitimate and transparent online gaming platform. The millions of active Betfair Casino users are a testament to that! With that in mind, how does Betfair Casino comply with all relevant licensing laws and regulations?

Firstly, it’s good to know that Betfair Casino has a registration number with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Only businesses that are fully-compliant with UKGC’s rules and regulations are allowed to stay registered with them.

Of course, UKGC compliance is sufficient if you live in the United Kingdom, but what if you live elsewhere? Betfair Casino also has a registration number with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

The MGA is Europe’s leading online gaming jurisdiction and will give added peace of mind to both UK and European customers. You can check the validity of Betfair Casino’s registration with UKGC and MGA by visiting the relevant websites for verification.

Betfair Casino’s registered offices are in Malta to comply with MGA and European licensing requirements. The location of their Maltese offices is also available to view in the UKGC’s registration details for Betfair Casino.

Security and fair play

As you can imagine, a well-known brand such as Betfair Casino takes the security and transparency of their platform very seriously.


All communications between your computer or mobile devices and Betfair Casino’s website and servers are secure and get encrypted. They use valid SSL/TLS bank-grade security for all online data communications to help prevent fraud.

Betfair Casino also takes other measures to boost security between customers and their platform. One example is enforcing strong passwords for account registrations. Plus, they ask you to re-enter your password when making sensitive account changes.

The company also employ internal and external security teams to test Betfair’s software regularly.

Fair play

One concern that all customers have when they use online casino platform is fairness. After all: people don’t want to use a provider that steals their money or has unlawful trading practices.

Thankfully, Betfair Casino is one of the most trustworthy online casino providers on the Internet. Firstly, the underlying software that powers their casino games comes from reputable software developers such as Playtech.

Secondly, all data gets encrypted to avoid any “man in the middle” hacking attacks or attempts to influence the result of the games you play. And, thirdly, regulation from both the UKGC and MGA ensures everything for customers is fair at all times.

Average payout (RTP)

So far, you know about Betfair Casino’s history, the slots and other casino games they offer, and the legitimacy of their platform. However, one thing you’re unsure of is how often you’re likely to win anything you wager?

As you can appreciate, all casino games are ones of chance. There are no secrets to winning any online games you play, just as there aren’t any secrets with traditional casinos and their slots machines.

You’ve undoubtedly read earlier on in this page about how Betfair Casino use automated random number generators (RNGs) to randomise the outcomes of wagers for non-live casino games.

Still, even taking all that information into account, Betfair Casino does give some information on what customers might expect to win. They do this by publicly discussing their RTP (Return to Player) percentages.

The information Betfair Casino provide appears to suggest that RTP percentages range from a minimum of 90%, going as high as 97% to 99.58% depending on the games played. Betfair Casino states that:

  • Classic table games such as blackjack have RTPs as high as 99.58%;
  • The RTPs of Roulette games vary between 94% to 97%.

FAQ on Betfair

Is Betfair Casino legitimate?

Yes. Betfair Casino customers can rest assured knowing the company gets regulated by both the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). They publicly make available information on their regulation and auditing procedures.

Is Betfair Casino safe to use?

Yes. All information sent between your computers or devices and Betfair Casino has bank-grade SSL/TLS encryption. Plus, the company conducts regular security checks both internally and by external IT security professionals.

What games does Betfair Casino offer?

You’ll find all the best and well-known casino games available on Betfair Casino such as slots, card games, and table games. Betfair Casino also offers live casino table games 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can I use PayPal for deposits and withdrawals?

Yes. Betfair Casino allows customers to deposit and withdraw money via PayPal and other e-wallets such as Skrill and Netteller. They also offer debit and credit card deposits and withdrawals and bank transfers.

How fast can I get my winnings?

All winnings will immediately appear in your Betfair Casino account. Withdrawals to your e-wallet, card, or bank account can take from four hours to five working days, depending on the method used.

50 Free SpinsClaim Betfair Bonus

Betfair Casino offers 50 Free Spins to new customers as Welcome Bonus. You can withdraw your winning as cash. Welcome Bonuses can also include matched deposits


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