Tuko Productions could be defined as a flagship among the Italian realities dedicated to the world of online gambling. Tuko Production, which adopts a nice toucan indeed as its logo and "mascot", is based in Salerno and is a young but fierce reality, that has made itself known on the virtual gambling market. Its strengths are creativity and innovation, along with a solid technical background and a strategic partnership. Tuko Productions can provide slot machines from their catalog or custom to order, to be delivered with a short turnaround thanks to a proprietary platform, designed for this purpose.

Tuko Productions

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About Tuko Productions

Tuko Productions is a software house making slot machines for the world of online gambling. Tuko Productions is an italian company based in the province of Salerno that started its adventure in an industry seemengly to be dominated by international companies in early 2000s. This software house was created by a group of entrepreneurs, who understood how this sector would experience enormous development in the following years. At first, Tuko Productions dealt only with the Italian market, even though from the very beginning the goal was to capture a share of international market as well, making reliability, creativity and professionalism its core values.

Over the course of 20 years this reality has managed to grow and develop a large portfolio which to date consists of:

  • 25 slot machines in desktop version
  • 12 video slots in mobile version HTML5
  • 7 table games (Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc)
  • 6 video poker
  • 2 Side game (7 and ½, Koobix)

All these games have very nice graphics and some of them are even in 3D. They have all been certified for the Italian market by the assessment body Quinel M. Ltd.

Tuko Productions: Goals

Tuko Productions has immediately set itself the ambitious goal of being a reference not only for gambling in Italy, but also for the rest of the world. This is why its programmers have developed an innovative platform that allows you to create new games in a relatively short time, also following the specific requests of a client. All games are hosted on proprietary servers, so a back office is always guaranteed to prevent any problem, and offer support to resolve issues. Today Tuko Poroductions collaborates with Merkur-Win, Betaland, Eurobet, just to mention some of the best known online casinos. Its products can therefore be played using real money, after registering with an online casino that hosts them. Or you can try the slots in free mode.

Consistent RTP

These slots are designed to ensure being safe and easy to use for every type of player, even to those who are beginners and do not want to invest too much to start playing. To understand how much (in theory) each slot can return in terms of winnings, there are two values ​​to always consider: the RTP and the Volatility. These two values ​​indicate in percentage how much a single slot returns to players, how often it pays out, and to what extent. Analyzing some of the Tuko slots, we found these values:

  • Barbaria: RTP: 96.35%; Volatility: Medium-Low
  • Soldier of Rome: RTP: 98%; Volatility: Average
  • Torture: RTP: 96.39%; Volatility: Medium

Also note that some of Tuko slot machines have progressive jackpots which can deliver very interesting prize pools. At this point, let’s give a brief overview of some of the Tuko slots that you can find in our selection.

Best Tuko Slot Machines

Some have 3D graphics, while others are designed to be played on mobile devices thanks to the html5 language. All use a wide array of features: wild, freespin, multipliers, respin, blocked symbols, bonus games. Let’s find out what are the salient features of the main titles on our site.

  • Barbarian: This slot uses eye-catching 3D graphics and is set at the time of the epic wars between Barbarians and Romans. A barbarian is always ready to interact with the main game, which has two Bonus games that allow you to increase your chances of winning.
  • Pierino goes to the Mountains: Main character Pierino, who has been at the center of many funny jokes, are exclusive to the Italian public. In this slot there are some bonus games including the sauna one, in which Pierino has to try to seduce the beautiful sexy teacher.
  • Alien Planets: this slot machine instead draws on a more common theme among gambling games, outerspace. The player has to deal with colorful aliens that allow him to make winning combinations: each different color entitle to higher or lower winnings.
  • Deep Oceans: This is another 3D graphics slot like Barbaria, set in the depths of the oceans instead. Slot Symbols are fishes, and the player can try to win by lining them up on one of the 243 available paylines.

Conclusion on Tuko Productions

Tuko Productions slot machines really have nothing to envy to other titles made by the most famous graphic studios. Graphics are always accurate, both in 2D and 3D, and the fluidity of the animations makes every phase of the game very enjoyable. Speaking about gameplay, each slot displays features to increase the player’s chances of winning, from bonus symbols to the most popular special features. Tuko Productions is also a growing reality, giving hope that in the future it will be able to make increasingly competitive and even more enjoyable titles.


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