As far as online gaming goes, you’re going to have a great time with OnlyPlay.  This is not your garden variety online slots gaming environment.  Going back to 2007, OnlyPlay has an outstanding online catalogue with instant win games and free games thrown in.  The platform has dozens of online games each with its unique identifiers and characteristics that will appeal to a wide ranger of enthusiastic online gamers. The provider also has an RNG platform, a unique game module, and a thrilling, high-performance B2B service and they're a cloud-ready developer. Superfast Spins (When you want them) and hundreds of betting and cross-betting options, easy deposit and withdrawal facilities, crystal clear graphics and exciting and thrilling casino games wherever you are, easily competing with the world’s best online casinos.

OnlyPlay in short
Statutory SeatMalta
Year of Release2010
Average RTP of Slots96%
Game ModeFree
Types of GamesVideo Slot, VLT slot
Technology HTML 5
Most Played Slots FighterBook of Bamboo


User Review
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What did we like the most?  

Well, if you’re just starting out learning how to play online and you’re not sure how much actual cash you want to bet, you can take advantage of free spins across multiple varieties to help you get your feet wet and when you’re ready to take the plunge, you’ll enjoy instant wins on all platforms and they’ve made it really easy for gamers to get online and get playing.  Simply put,  the software works.  

Stunning Graphics 

You’ll LOVE the variety of games each with their unique themes and “storylines”, there’s quest games and cartoon-inspired games, classy games and thrill of the chase type games with free spin functions and awesome artwork.  You’ll love that the graphics work and don’t get your system all clogged up like some other online providers.

It’s like Vegas…at home

As we said before you’ll love the graphics, but you’ll also really enjoy the music, sounds, lights – all of it.  They’ve paid careful attention to making sure the mix between brightly coloured and exciting graphics and animations, meet seamlessly with the possibility to widget between different games easily when it’s time to try something new.

Best Themed Slots

So you like old school fruit machines or you’re all about the Big Bonus Spins, you’re going to find loads of different themes that will suit your mood.  You’ll enjoy the Egyptian themed slots that have wonderful flights of fancy to the ancient world along with storylines, hidden games and bonus spins.

Increased RTP

The question that all online gamers want to be answered:  what is the potential RTP (return to play), and OnlyPlay has games with a 90% RTP which could be increased up to 98% with bonus spins.

Mobile Gaming

OnlyPlay is fully functional as a mobile application in addition to the desktop version.  This is particularly useful for when you’re travelling and have to while away time at airports or on overlays. Free games extend to this version as well and because of their exciting “instant-win” format, the mobile version was exciting and a lot of fun to play. It also worked perfectly.

Instant Win Games

Well worth another mention, their range of instant win games compete favourably with other online providers in terms of RTP, ease of use and sophistication of games offerings. OnlyPlay has set out to benefit both players and providers and their RNG platform provides a service that can be used with more than OnlyPlay games.  They also have a very cool “OWidget” that will enable operators to increase their total profit by as much as 10%. There are so many different providers in the field right now, but it’s patently clear that OnlyPlay means to compete with the best of them and we think they’re going to do that just fine.  All of the above factors combine to create an easy on the eye and easy to use platform that gamers are going to love and operators will really appreciate for its “returnability”.  Ensuring ongoing business and a diversified offering across many different games in many different territories.

It all comes down to how easy it is for customers to interact with the platform and service and in an increasingly competitive online environment, the smallest detail makes a big difference.  So the seamless interaction between the desktop or traditional versions and the mobile version of the platform set OnlyPlay aside. It’s clear that they have big ambitions and we think that they’re well placed to achieve those ambitions if they continue on this current trajectory. The graphics are classy and up to date, the themes are varied and relevant to the online environment and perfectly tailored to the specifics of online gaming.

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