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Scatters offers a risk-free 25 euro cashback when you lose 25 euros or more on your first deposit. This offer is based on the first 24 hours of your depositing on the site


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Scatters Summary
Welcome bonus €25 cashback
Website scatters.com
Slot machines 200+
Gaming Authority License Malta Gambling Authority
Pros 14 payment methods and Promos
Promo Vip Club
Customer service 24h Live Chat and FAQs
Email support@scatters.com
Demo Mode Supported
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Scatters is a fairly new online casino, having only been launched in 2019. It is clear right from the word go that the entire site has been designed while keeping the user in mind. There isn’t anything too flashy to try and draw your attention, nor is there games coming out of your ears being advertised on the first page. When you’re new to the online casino scene, it can feel quite overwhelming when online casinos advertise everything they’ve got right there on the first page, but Scatters isn’t like that. It’s easy to the eye, and keeps everything simple for the user to understand. If you want to find out more about this casino, then keep reading this review where we’re going to be looking at everything that you need to know. 

Casino Bonus Welcome Offer

When you sign up to Scatters as a new plater, there is a welcome package that will be there ready and waiting for you. It’s essentially the company’s way of saying thank you for choosing their site over anyone else’s. They are going to get you started with some promotions, and we all love free spins and a thank you gift, so it’s the perfect way to draw people in. Scatters have currently got a welcome offer of a risk-free 25 euro cashback when you lose 25 euros or more on your first deposit. This offer is based on the first 24 hours of you depositing on the site. It’s also important to note that the offer is for deposits of up to 25 euros, and not a penny over. The offer is available in other currencies for an equivalent of 25 euros. 

You need to know that all of the bonus offers on the site are going to be subject to wagering requirements, unless this has been otherwise specified. When it comes to the welcome bonus, you usually get welcome spins that come with lots of strings such as wagering requirements. However, the welcome bonus at Scatters doesn’t have any wagering requirements. 

Slot Games

The thing that we loved most about the lobby for slots at Scatters is the fact that all of the focus is on the games. You’re not being distracted by a million other things, as Scatters have made sure to showcase the main point of the page. They use large, blurred backgrounds that have distinct game logos so that you know exactly what you’re looking at. As such, if you’re looking for a particular game it isn’t going to be too hard to find. It’s also easy to browse through all of the options if you’re not sure what you’re looking for and you simply want to find something fun to play.

Scatters has got so many providers, that it might even be more than you know what to do with. Some of the biggest names in the industry are providing slot games for Scatters to provide to you. Some of these big companies include Betsoft, Microgaming and Netent. There are also some providers that you may never have heard of due to them being niche providers. Spade gaming is a classic example of this and focuses on the Asian market more than anything else. Scatters has made sure to get some of these companies on board as well to give as much variety as possible. 

Another piece of information you might be interested in is the fact that Scatters have decided to set up a completely different section for the Megaways slots. Not everyone enjoys the megaways, but those who do love it, and that’s why there has been an entire section dedicated to it. They have some of the best megaways slots in the industry right now such as Buffalo Rising Megaways, so there’s plenty for you to play in this section of the online casino. Megaways was originally conceived because there is a demand in slot production and the people online need variety in order to keep them interested. 

On the right-hand side of the lobby, you will see a list of game providers, allowing you to choose what you want. Once you’ve chosen one, all of their games will appear, helping you to find something to play.


This is actually one of the areas of the site that could do with some improvement, and trust us when we say that there aren’t many. There are some jackpots from companies like Microgaming and iSoftbet, but a lot of them are still controlled by Betsoft. It’s highly recommended that you stay away from these jackpots, due to the past history with Sheriff Gaming. Having said that though, there are over 200 jackpot games on the site.

Other Games Available

So, you might now be wondering what’s hiding in the other games section of the site? Well, here is where you are going to find video poker and a whole range of different table games. There is a whole range of blackjack types on offer under here as well, including ones that we had never even heard of. You really do have the pick of so many games, while it might feel overwhelming to try and choose one at first, the easy interface makes it simpler.

Live Casino

Unsurprisingly, when you look at the live casino, you find the usual people providing the games such as Netent Live and Evolution Gaming providing the service. Evolution Gaming has so many different types of roulette that we doubt you would ever play them all, and this includes American Roulette where there is an extra 0. As well as this, this provider allows you to listen to the dealer in a number of languages, depending on what your preferred language is. Some of the languages that are included are Swedish, Russian, German, Turkish and of course, English. 

Netent Live only offers blackjack and roulette games and it does have one unique game which is Blackjack Common Draw. All players bet on the same hand in this game, and players can stop at any time, continuing until all the players have chosen to stand. It’s a great game and one that you should certainly check out if you are into blackjack but haven’t experienced this yet. As an added bonus, all of these games that are found in the live casino will have a live dealer, who is always smiling!

If you’re excited about these companies providing for Scatters, then you might be interested to know that they are also looking at partnering with Betgames. Wait and see what this brings to the table!

Big Benefits

There are so many benefits to using Scatters for all of your online casino needs. One of these is that there are over 14 payment methods for you to choose from, meaning that you can deposit in a way that is most convenient for you. Some online casinos don’t have as large of a range as this, and it can make finding a way to stake your money quite difficult. With all of the options that Scatters have provided, you are guaranteed to find something that suits you. Whether this is debit or credit card, or one of the other options is entirely up to you. 

Another benefit is what is known as the scatter store. Here you can get bonus money and free spins! Everyone loves a good bonus and something free every now and then, so it’s certainly a big selling point of Scatters.

More than that though, the live chat support is available 24/7, meaning that you will be able to receive help from someone whenever you need it. Sometimes, people play these games into the early hours of the morning, and with international players also likely joining in, it’s a fantastic feature that makes us super happy. Coupling up with the live chat available all the time, there are also live dealer games available. Check to see if there is one going when you want to play and if there isn’t, simply find out when the next one is.


We’re sure that you’re curious to know about the important bit for a lot of people – how do I get my money? Well, first you’re going to have to deposit and that is extremely straight forward. All you need to do is click the deposit button, type in how much you want to stake, make sure that you are using the correct payment method and then it’s sorted. 

If you win, then you might be sitting there thinking that it’s time to take the money to go home. So, when this happens, you need to go into your account and click withdraw. Enter the amount that you are looking to withdraw, and make sure that you double check it is going to be sent to the right payment method. There’s nothing worse than accidentally sending all of your winnings to the wrong card!


If you’re going to join a new casino, the thing that you need to do is check out the bonus page to make sure it is something worthwhile. Otherwise, you could end up signing with the wrong account and missing out on something fantastic. Scatters Casino has a number of bonus offers available. The first is the welcome offer but we’ve already looked at that in quite a bit of detail. After that, you’ve got the Scatters loyalty and VIP scheme. Even though it’s a fairly new casino, in a couple of years, the loyalty is going to pay off. When you start somewhere, you always need to start in the same place: at the bottom. From here, you play, you wager, and you see what happens. 

There is going to be a Level Up bar in the top and it will increase and build as your reputation does. When you get to a high enough level having filled the loyalty bar, you will then get some freebies that you can claim in the casino. Something great that you’re also going to want to know if that with every 10 levels, you get a bigger reward!


You might also be wondering whether Scatters have already set up any kind of loyalty scheme. You will be glad to know that they have, and it has to do with a VIP program that a lot of people are afraid to take. However, if you do this, you could be getting some really big benefits such as free spins and big win spins. Like we mentioned above about the bar when it fills up and gets to every 10th level, you will be rewarded with even bigger bonuses than before!

If you’re a VIP, then you’re going to be able to claim better prizes. Keep in mind that the more you play, the more reward points you are going to have, meaning a bigger bet. In the end, the bigger the bet, the bigger the potential reward, and we know that you definitely want those higher rewards! The points that you win here can be redeemed in the store for either free spins or bonus cash. If you choose the spins, then you are asked to use them within 7 days and if you choose the bonus cash it needs to be used within 30 days. With the cash though, you should know that there is a 35x wagering requirement attached to it. 

Responsible Gambling

Scatters Casino understands that some people do develop a problem when they play these kinds of games. The casino has a wide range of options available for those who want to take a break for a while and get their head sorted out before they come back and play. If you need to take a break and you don’t want to hear from Scatters at all because of the temptation, then you should use the freeze account button. You then pause your account for either 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. It’s essential that you are honest with yourself about how much time you need. Scatters has put all the precautions in place for you, but it’s down to you to use them properly. 

Something else that you can do is set yourself a session time limit. What this means is that once you have played for a certain amount of time per day, week or month depending on how you set it, the site will no longer let you play. Or, if you think that you are having trouble controlling how much you’re spending because you want your money back, then you should set a deposit limit. 

The Problems

It might not seem like such a big deal to you if you’re not into these kinds of things, but we guarantee that if you are, this one’s going to be a problem for you as well. Scatters are quite limited in the tournaments that are offered. This means that while there might be a selection of some things, in other areas, it is lacking slightly. 

One of the big problems that we had with this site though is that it is only offered in English. There is no option to translate the page into another language, meaning that it remains quite closed off and doesn’t allow for the inclusion of people who can’t speak the language. It is true however that some of the games do offer a multitude of options, but that’s not going to do a lot of good when a user can’t get to the right place on the site because of the language barrier. 

Finally, the user experience might not be suited to all players. Scatters has a certain look about it, and it doesn’t exactly scream casino. Of course, it’s got all the games that you want to play, but the way that it looks and how easy it is to work. Scatters might actually be too simple for some people because it is very straightforward. It’s not going to be an issue for everyone, but for some people, it isn’t going to be what they are looking for. 

Customer Support

Most companies have some sort of customer support in place so that if something does go wrong at any point, someone is there to help you. The customer service team for Scatter can be contacted between 8am and 1am every day of the week. You have one of three options when it comes to this. The first is using their email. You can send the customer support team an email telling them what the problem is and any other information that you think they need to know. Use support@scatters.com to get in touch with them, and you will have an answer within 2-3 hours unless there is a huge delay.

Alternatively, you can use the live chat where you simply click on the live chat option. This can be found on the right side of your casino lobby. Or finally, you can use the contact form. You can find the form on the scatters website, and the team will then be in touch with you in around 2-3 hours to help you with your problem.

We do have to say that the response time is pretty fast for their emails. Some companies leave you waiting for days, but this one gets back to you on the same day that you send the email.


In conclusion, Scatters is a fantastic online casino, and even though it is fairly new right now, we wouldn’t be surprised if it soon becomes one of the most well-known ones. At the moment, it’s relatively unknown but that’s to be expected when it comes to something that is so new. You can play on any device that you choose, making it convenient if you want to have a couple of spins on the go. The gaming experience for this mobile casino is incredible! There isn’t much that this online casino isn’t offering you, so you should take advantage of it right now.

Sometimes it’s the smaller things that turn out to be the best, and while Scatter might not be huge in size, it has a lot of the things that most people on these sites want, and that’s the important thing. It’s certainly an upcoming star in the industry!

Scatters FAQs

Is Scatters Casino Real?

Yes, Scatters Casino is a legitimate brand and is licensed and regulated according to the law. The licence was issued in June 2016 by the Malta Gaming Authority, proving that this online casino really is legitimate.

How Long Does It Take To Withdraw my Funds?

It will take around 2 working days for your funds to be credited to your payment method once you have withdrawn from your account. Ensure that you have sent any and all verification documents to make sure that there are no delays to this. If you haven’t received your money after two working days, then talk to their customer support and see what they can do.

Are There Rules For Using The Site?

Yes, like everything else, there are terms and conditions to using the site. You will see these when you are making an account, and it’s important that you look at them carefully. If you break these rules, Scatters does have the right to terminate your membership to their online casino and shut down your account entirely. If you accept the notice without reading the terms and conditions, any responsibility will lie with you.

Are There Restricted Countries?

Yes, most online casinos have a list of countries that are not able to create an account with their service. But, the list associated with this casino is one of the longest that we have seen to date.

Is There A Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

For some payment methods, there is a minimum withdrawal amount. For example, if you are attempting to withdraw via wire transfer, you need to be taking out 100 euros, or the equivalent of this in whichever currency you have chosen to use.

25 euroVisit Scatters

Scatters offers a risk-free 25 euro cashback when you lose 25 euros or more on your first deposit. This offer is based on the first 24 hours of your depositing on the site


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