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Plinko the Game

Anyone who ever spent a summer morning at home or a sick day from school watching Bob Barker and the Price is Right knows the game Plinko. Players in the Price is Right game earned five individual tiles that they would send down the game board. Those tiles bounce down the board and landed in a spot with an assigned money value. Players could win up to $25000 if they landed all five tiles in the $5,000 slot in the middle. Well, now we have gambling’s version of Plinko.

BGaming has taken the classic Price is Right game and adjusted it for online slot players. So picture your elementary school self-sitting at home on the couch as you play Plinko, the classic Price is Right game.


The theme of Plinko is, well, Plinko. No fancy colors surround the game board (it’s a number of drab shade of blue). There are no bonus games, no multipliers. There’s not even a game show host or crowd cheering you on while you play. What you get is Plinko. The game board is on your right, while a list of each bet you’ve made is on your left. Players set a risk level and a bet amount. Risk levels are low, normal, and high.

Players have controls to choose both the minimum bet and maximum bet. Players can also set the number of “lines.” Lines mean the number of pink orbs (which represent the tiles in the game) that head down the board after you place your bet. Much like the real Plinko game, the best values are in the middle. The farther out a player goes, the more negative the “payouts” get.


The symbols of Plinko are limited to the symbols of the actual game. And even in that case, BGaming’s Plinko ignores a lot of the standard symbols that represent the Price is Right game. The tiles are replaced by orbs. The standard slots expand to smaller, more gambling centric slots. There’s no crowd, no Bob Barker, no Drew Carey.

The only part of the game BGaming’s Plinko tries to absorb is the spirit of the gameplay itself. Players can do both a manual and auto mode. Manual means players set their bet before each drop. Auto is like most autoplay modes from online slot games. Set a number of plays and lines, then hit play. The game will play on its own (unless, of course you stop it). One gambling symbol the game offers is a list of your previous bets. Players can use this list to determine how to bet and when to bet big.

Review of Plinko

If your experience of Plinko required hearing the crowd, players, and hosts’ reactions to the game to appreciate it fully, then BGaming’s Plinko is not for you. All the frills of the Price is Right are removed from this edition. But if you just love the game itself and like gambling being included as a part of it, then you will love BGaming’s Plinko.

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