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For those of you who are fans of online casinos, but do not have time to go to some ground, technology has made it possible to make the game possible from your home. The casino online is not a new phenomenon. This area is one of the first to take advantage of the evolution of technology and very quickly we saw the transition from land-based to online casinos. There are now hundreds of online casinos, which on the one hand gives you more choices to players, on the other hand increases the likelihood of scammers aiming only to deceive players. Legal online casinos are subject to full control. In addition to the licensing authority, from which it must have an operating license, there is also strict control by the legislation of the state in which it operates. 

Many of us appreciate the buzz of playing casino games; slot machines in particular are a great way to pass the time and play a game solo without interruption. As long as you gamble responsibly, you can certainly enjoy the benefits it could bring. 


  • The excitement of a slot machine
  • What is ‘return to player’ and how it affects the game.
  • The science behind return to player
  • How variety assists the slot player
  • How to avoid fraud and play safe

The excitement of a slot machine 

The slots are undoubtedly the most popular casino games, counting more than a century old. The history of slot machines begins in 1895, when the first machine was created by Charles Fey. Over the years their operation has evolved. With the advancement of technology, 3D slots have made their appearance in recent years. The difference between them and the video slots is that they reach up to 1000 paylines and of course they have much better graphics, with the game play being three-dimensional. Some of the most common types of slot games are: 

Video Slots: Video slots are by far the most popular variation mainly due to the entertainment factor. The characteristic function of these games is the graphics technology. Each game uses advanced video technology to be as fun and exciting as possible. Some of the newer games use 3D graphics with introductory videos and characters that appear on the screen during both regular play and bonus rounds.

Progressive Slots: You will also find classic and modern games with progressive slots. They are usually the smallest piece of slots, but they are the most popular because they give the biggest winnings. Progressive slots have two jackpots.

Classic Slots: Classic slots are the oldest and most basic variations you will find. To be precise, the term describes several variations with one important factor. Classic games have a very simple structure and do not have many bonus features. In this category you will find the classic Vegas-style slot machines and 3-reel slots. In general, these games have 3 reels with 10 paylines. Their themes are also very basic with images of fruit, bar and bells inside the scrolls.

What is ‘return to player’ and how it affects the game

RTP,  known as Return To Player, plays a part in ensuring the casino makes its long term profit, but how does that affect a player? In slots, much of the bets we make will be used as a prize for the game. This is known as “Return To Player” (RTP) and is measurable in the long run, allowing us to have different data for each slot machine. It usually takes the form of a percentage and helps us determine which slots have the most money for the benefit of the players. In online casinos we can find returns ranging from 90% to 99%. The difference of RTP up to 100% is known as the advantage or margin of the casino and usually ranges between 10% and 1%. We divide RTP into three scales according to the following values:

  • 90% -93.99% low return
  • 94% -95% moderate return
  • 95.01 – 99% high return

A low return means that the amount of the bet returned is reduced and the player is less likely to win. Such slots usually offer bigger prizes, but not often and this can be very useful for players who have patience. The mediocre return means that the machine will give most of the money played and will reward players more often. The rewards will generally be higher than the rewards in the high return. The slots that give us the best chance of winning are those with a player return (RTP) of between 95.01% – 99%. In such slots, the casino margin is smaller and players are usually rewarded more often. Depending on the casino, we can find the return to the player of each game in different ways. Some casinos provide RTP on their homepage and make comparisons between different slots. Other casinos identify it just before the player enters the slot machine, along with other features. 

RTP in a little more scientific detail

Calculating RTP is a complex process. It takes into account the data of the winnings and the amounts of money that have been played over a long period of time, so that the percentage is statistically representative. We must remember that there are slots that have many lines, many games and different combinations that give winnings and thus the calculation becomes even more difficult.

Once we have collected data on the money played and the prizes, we need to check how much money from the total bets has been allocated to the total prizes and how much money has gone to the casino. We can find this by subtracting from the total of the bets the amounts of the prizes, which on the one hand will give us the margin of the casino and on the other hand the amount that is returned to the player. We convert these two into a percentage to have RTP.

We need to keep in mind that RTP is a key factor when it comes to winning awards. As we said before, it is calculated taking into account a very large time frame, during which thousands of players have bet money to win only some of them. Slots are based on the luck factor, which is obvious in the short term. It is possible to play with 99% RTP for hours and not win a prize, or have millions of winnings in the first game on a 90% RTP slot machine.

Although we can not guarantee profits, a high RTP greatly improves the chances of winning. That is why it is important to always look for the highest possible RTP rates among online casino slots.

Variety can assist you in winning at slots

Just as in sports betting you look at the odds of the platform, so in the slots you have to check the payout. This is the rate of return or repayment. Usually the reason you play in an online casino is fun, but you certainly would not say no to some winnings. Before choosing the slot machine on which you will bet your money, you should find slots with a high pay-out rate. These are usually the newest slots, as the platforms pay more to attract more players to the slot machine.

Of course it is not only the payout, but Variance plays an important role. That is, the frequency with which each slot machine pays. They may have a high payout, but be slow to pay, while on the contrary they may have a low payout and pay more often in the long run. Finally, to win at the slots you need patience and management of the available budget. You should never play with money that you may be short of. Be strict always.

How to avoid fraud and play safe

Always look at casinos that are properly licensed and secure. Some casinos may cheat or set lower settings for less winnings which is tantamount to fraud. Slots are provided in online casinos by software platforms such as Netent and Novomatic. The makers of the games are giant platforms, listed on the stock exchange and licensed by top regulators and player associations. Under no circumstances would they risk their reputation or even their existence by allowing casinos to steal.

Many reputable online casinos will also allow you to play for free. It gives the player an opportunity to get a feel for the game long before they put up money stakes. You may be able to do this without a full registration. Now, anyone can play any slot they want without any risk. Players can find their favorite slots online for free and play virtual money slots. These are often part of a very good playing strategy. If one wants to try one’s luck at slots, it is more than legitimate to first choose to play these slots for free and gain an idea of how they work and the likelihood of success. 


Slot games are and will continue to be a popular choice in the world of betting. Not only are they fun and strategic but can give great payouts. With diligence and responsibility, you can certainly find a slot game that works for you within your budget. 

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