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Introducing European Roulette

European Roulette is one of the oldest casino games offered to players by the table game developers at NetEnt casinos. The game of European Roulette is said to dates back to the 18th century. There have been claims that the casino game Baccarat was played in the 15th century, whilst Blackjack was introduced in 1700.

Regardless of which game was created first European Roulette remains one of the most popular games in casinos and seen as a standard game of Roulette in both online and land based casinos. It is for this reason that NetEnt’s European Roulette is a must for any Roulette players. It is because of the never waning popularity that led to Net Entertainment creating four different versions of European Roulette.

Three of the four can be found in the menu as Roulette whilst the classical version is known by the original name. European Roulette from NetEnt can be played at their live casinos as well as several NetEnt casinos.

European Roulette History

European Roulette was originally created in France, however, there was a very primitive type of Roulette created by Blaise Pascal when he was searching for a machine that had perpetual movement. In other words, a machine that delivered motion which continued continuously without any type of external energy source. Whilst the Roulette wheel is not endless, the wheel continues to spin for a time without an additional energy source. The energy source in this case is the Roulette ball which is what provides the outcome for the game by slowing down and landing on one of the 37 numbers which include zero.

The game of Roulette as it is played today was described in the French novel, “La Roulette, ou le Jour” from the author Jaques Lablee. Jacques provides a full description of the Roulette wheel housed in the Palais Royal in 1796 in Paris. This description includes the house pockets and two bet spaces that contained the bank’s numbers, zero and double zero. Although this table game is referred to as European Roulette the game is played worldwide and has been through the 19th century. Roulette has been played all over Europe and America and remains today one of the most popular casino games.

Three Dimensional Roulette

In the beginning Roulette was a game for the rich, but as it was also available to play in bricks and mortar casinos in Europe it began to spread worldwide and today it can be played wherever gambling is permitted. It was also introduced online by one of the first online casinos about 20 years ago. It began as a classic two dimensional version that was classic but offered all of the elements that has made Roulette so popular. It was far more than players could have ever imagined a few years before.

Thanks to the high speed internet and modernisation European Roulette soon became very cutting edge. The NetEnt European Roulette offers innovative design that is complete with a virtual croupier and three dimensional graphics that provide a first class experience with captivating table, energetic billboard, racetrack style betting and the feeling of sitting at a table even though it is a virtual online experience it stills delivers the thrill of playing in any land based casinos.

The game of European Roulette

The modern designed European Roulette game provides you with all of the branding options that are offered in the other popular Roulette games by NetEnt. This includes the standard outside and inside bet types. The 3D Roulette Wheel is expertly designed which is a very worthwhile addition to the way that the European Roulette game flows.

The Roulette Wheel is complete with 37 slots which are labelled 0 – 36 with the object of the game being for players to predict which slot the ball will land once the wheel begins to spin. Bets can be placed on the table, using table bets, outside and inside bets as well as neighbour bets. There is a detailed description of every Roulette bet which can be found in the rules which is found under the question mark situated at the bottom left hand side of the game.

Additional features

Whilst the rules of the game are based on those used in European Roulette, which is pretty obvious if playing European Roulette. However, this modern version from NetEnt provides some extras in comparison to early versions designed by Net Entertainment.

Amongst the new extras are the use of hot/cold numbers, the racetrack, double bet function, favourite bets button and there are also statistics which could assist you when placing your bets. Finally, the virtual croupier does add an additional dimension and creates a great atmosphere and is ideal for those who wish to combine live and online roulette.

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