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Take Olympus is taking the slot industry by storm - overview

Take Olympus is a brand-new slot from Betsoft, which offers the player the chance to play amongst the Gods and, since it is based around the Greek mythology, you can only imagine the potential it has. Central to the overall theme is Poseidon, God of seas, storms and earthquakes, Apollo, God of archery and the Sun and Zeus, King of the Gods and God of sky and thunder. The background of the gameplay is the Aegean Sea, ebbing behind the reels.

The most important thing about the slot is the mechanics, which focuses exclusively on 10 spin cycles, known as the Cycle of the Gods feature. The game focuses on the last spin and has an impressive list of bonus rounds to enjoy. We might be wrong in saying this, but we believe that Take Olympus is an evergreen slot. Wondering what this means? Well, in other words, we think that no matter how many years pass, this slot will be a fan-favourite and one we look to play over and over again!

Players can now play this online at some of the best casinos and while you are there they may offer you casino bonuses to make it even more worthwhile! Be sure to check the small print first and look around for the best deals!

Betting, volatility and RTP

The betting range for this slot is reasonably small compared to what we are used to seeing. Starting at $0.10 and increasing up to $40 per spin. There is the chance of winning up to 2,328 times the stake in the jackpot and therefore this offers you up to $89,120 to win in a single spin, which we do not think is too shabby. Betsoft have given a maximum of $93,120 to be won, so we recommend you check with the casino before spinning in case they have a cut off.
Betsoft also explained the slot had a low variance, which has us a little confused. The RTP is below 96%, set at approximately 95.49%, which is below average compared to other slots today. We recommend that if you want to play, set your bet at around $5 for optimal wins. There is a strong correlation between the RTP and the Hit Rate, we found, and therefore you should be expecting to win on every 3rd spin during the base level, approximately 33%.

The main symbols

There are five regular symbols, five premium symbols and a special for the player’s enjoyment. Firstly the regular symbols are a trident, a bow, a lead, a lightning bolt, and Cerberus, the three-headed-underworld guard dog.
The premiums are five of the Greek gods. Poseidon, Apollo, and Zeus mentioned earlier come back to life, along with Hades, God of the dead and King of the Underworld, and Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty.

The Gods and their features

The main feature of this slot is the Cycle of the Gods feature and works with the game randomly triggering one of the five gods’ features. This will unleash its power on the 10th spin. After each of these 10 spins, the slot will reset the reels.
Apollo, known as Archer of the Wild, will see Apollo or bow symbols pitch up on the reels. On the final spin, they will transform into wilds.

Aphrodite, with her feature of Spreading Pleasure, sees Aphrodite and or leaf symbols land. The symbols become Mystery Boxes and then will transform into normal symbols, no wilds will be present.
Hades, with his Wrath of Abundance feature, sees multipliers being added if Hades and Cerberus symbols land.
Poseidon, with the Waters of Chaos, sees the trident and Poseidon symbols increasing the counter of re-spins by one for each that land on the final spin.

Finally, Zeus, and the Allfather’s Grace feature, is the most lucrative of the features. When Zeus covers an entire reel with four symbols, you will receive 10 free spins, on the condition that the other four gods appear on the reels. During these free spins, you can expect to land mystery symbols, wilds, respins and multipliers!

Conclusion Take Olympus

Betsoft’s Take Olympus is an entertaining slot with a plethora of treats for the players to enjoy. With a more than impressive hit rate at 33%, the RTP is a little bit of a let-down. Even though, the slot has a low variance, and can give you 5 dry spins in a row before it starts picking up again. Luckily, it makes up for it with the hit frequency.
One of the best features is the Zeus: Allfather’s Grace and is impressive for the players to enjoy. It gives you the chance to win up to 2,328 times the stake as you spin to win even more, with wilds, multipliers and respins!
There are similar slots out there, like Quest to the West, which has a jackpot of 5,000 times the stake but there is nothing that quite matches the impressive nature of the features and graphics we get in this slot. Bet today and you are guaranteed some great wins as you spin!

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