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Introducing Take Santa’s Shop slot

With Christmas on our doorstep the developers at Betsoft are pleased to announce the release of the latest innovative slot Take Santa’s Shop. Christmas is a time when families come together, and this theme runs through this slot throughout. The gaming is very laid back yet still offers everything you could want from an online game. Personally, I am a huge fan of Christmas and therefore this slot appeals to me immensely, it is happy and vibrant and offers all of the elements to make players enjoy Christmas that little bit more, and who knows you may even win enough along the way to cover the cost of all your Christmas shopping. If you are ready embark on this journey with Santa, then keep reading.

Theme & Design

Take Santa’s Shop is a visual pleasure and will dazzle you with its crafty steampunk visuals, Cascades, and the overall mechanics. The theme is rather obvious from the name and does indeed include Santa Claus and everything that embodies the word Christmas. The graphical design of this slot brings the theme alive and you will find that it makes you smile even when you are waiting and hoping to land a win.


When it comes to the symbols the low value payers as usual are represented by the playing card symbols starting from 9 through to Ace. There is plenty of variety when it comes to the higher value symbols and you can expect to see sleighs, snow globes, wooden horses, bells and even some holiday robbers! These symbols are all brought to life thanks to the 3D capabilities that Betsoft has showcased within this game.

Gaming Experience

Take Santa’s Shop plays out over 5-reels, 4-rows and 75 pay lines. Whilst most games from Betsoft offer plenty of innovative gameplay that games continue to amaze players. The slot itself is very laidback and provides you with the chance to win a jackpot that is worth 359x your stake in other words £7,180, and because of this Take Santa’s Shop will appeal particularly to the casual slot players. The slot offers a medium variance and a decent hit rate, and the return to player stands at 96.08% which is just above average when compared to its competitors.

When you are ready to play the first thing you have to do is choose the bet range that you are most comfortable with, and this starts from a minimum of $0.20 per spin and goes up to a maximum of $20 per spin and after having tested this game I would suggest to maximise the pay outs you need to bet at least $5 however you do need to ensure that's your budget can cover this, and you play within your means.

Bonus Rounds

When it comes to the bonus rounds Take Santa’s Shop has a lot to offer. The first of these rounds is the ornamental bomb counter and you will see this next to your reels, it has a countdown which starts from 10 down to 0s. Every time you land a holiday robber on your reels the mechanic of the game transforms them into an ornamental bomb. Once the countdown gets to zero all the ornamental bombs that you have landed on your reels will detonate and turn into Wilds. The wild can substitute for the other symbols to create additional winning combinations and or bigger prizes.

The free spins round is where the gameplay becomes more exciting and before you can take part in any of the festivities you will need to land at least three of the scatter symbols, when you do this activates a huge 15 free spins. You will see that the free spins bonus puts the ornamental bomb counter on hold, and due to this wild bombs will land on your reels during every free spin. Better still though is that you can find yourself landing 5, 7, or 10 wild bombs and these can move freely around your reels to improve your chances of landing winning combinations and it is thanks to these Wilds that you can land some truly spectacular wins in the free spins bonus round .

If you find that your patience is wearing thin and you do not wish to wait for the three scatters to land in the base game that is another way that this can be activated. This is down to the bonus buy option where you can activate the free spins immediately and you will be given a choice between the three different bonus buys that are available.

Each of the bonus buys begins with a different number of wild bombs and these can range from 5, 7, and 10 and the more wild bombs you choose the more the buy in will cost you. If you choose the five wild bombs it will cost you 27x your stake, choosing the seven wild bombs will it cost you 50x your stake and choosing the largest 10 wild bombs will cost you 95x your stake .
There is the opportunity for you to play Take Santa's Shop in a demo mode and although a lot of players will not see consider this as a bonus feature, I personally do due to the fact that you get the opportunity to learn how the game works before you are expected to risk any of your own money. Whether you are an experienced player or a complete newcomer the demo feature is a must as you then learn the mechanics and how the game plays out.

Final Thoughts

Betsoft’s 2020 Christmas interpretation Take Santa’s Shop is an excellent slot. It is truly laid back and with this in my mind it is targeted towards the more casual player who are not that concerned about winning a huge jackpot, however the slot enters into the true spirit of Christmas which surely is about people taking things easy.
I liked all the elements on offer in this slot and found that there were plenty of wilds which really helped to bump up my winnings. Admittedly this slot is not going to make you a vast fortune however the addition of the buy in option has great appeal and with the inclusion of three types of buy ins, this slot is more likely to appeal to a whole host of players.
The play in the free spins feature is heightened thanks to the wild bombs and as such you can expect larger pay outs. When I tested this slot, I noticed that the pay outs were far more generous when I played with a bet of above $5 per spin, encompassing the saying, “the bigger your bet the bigger the win.”

I cannot remember the last time the developers are Betsoft released a slot with the jackpot that totalled more than 500x the stake. With this in mind it appears that the developers are currently focusing on low rollers but this is not a bad thing, however they may want to release a slot targeted more towards the high rollers as this would go hand in hand with this type of slot and then appeal to the masses.



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