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SoftwareExpanse Studios
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super-heli-gameTaking flight into the exciting world of online slots, Super Heli by Expanse Studios offers players an action-packed gaming experience that blends the excitement of aerial combat with the possibility of big wins. 

This thrilling crash game slot transports players to the realm of adventurous helicopter pilots while keeping you on the edge of your seat. 

With its impressive visuals, engaging features, and the promise of adrenaline-fueled thrills, Super Heli will captivate slot enthusiasts, regardless of their experience level.

Super Heli Overview

Super Heli is unique in how players operate this exciting game.

The game's general rules start with players placing their bet and selecting between 10, 50, 100, or 500, then manually placing their bets. Players can also select Auto Play and Auto Cash Out across the three rounds, where the odds increase each round.

Then, the game round starts, and players watch their stakes rise on the screen. Super Heli’s win Multiplier starts at 1x and then increases during gameplay. The aim is to cash out before the Super Heli on-screen flies away.

Any winnings are based on the player's bet and the odds the player cashed out while playing the game. If the player doesn’t cash out in time, then they lose their bet

With an RTP of 97% and a medium to high volatility rating, Super Heli is a great choice for players who enjoy the balance between frequent small wins and the potential for large payouts.

Super Heli Theme and Symbols

Super Heli has a high-powered theme that combines military strength and aerial dominance. It transports players to a world of advanced helicopters in the quest to win at any cost. 

The backdrop features a stunning blue skyline, with the silhouettes of towering skyscrapers and the distant horizon creating an air of grandeur and scale. The symbols themselves are a nod to the game's helicopter military theme, with an animated helicopter casting a bright net of light, indicating to players when it's time to cash out. 

Free bets will be randomly awarded to players, and these are typically shown through a widget that appears at the top of the screen.  

The game's sound design further enhances the experience, with the distinctive sound of a helicopter engine when flying above adding to the overall intensity of the gameplay.

Super Heli Features

Unlike traditional slot games, there aren’t many additional features and gameplay options available to Super Heli players.

However, the game does include free bets. As previously mentioned, these free bets often appear randomly at the top of the screen through a clear widget that players can not miss. Players have the option of using their real money or using the free bets when available. But, it is worth noting that the free bets can expire.

The game also allows players to engage in lively chats with other players by clicking the chat symbol located at the top right of the screen, next to the general control buttons. 


Super Heli is a thrilling interactive helicopter-based slot game that delivers a unique and unforgettable gaming experience for all players, whether experienced or new to these games. 

Expanse Studios has developed a game that provides a new height of fun with a social aspect where players can communicate through the chat option. Free spins are also available and will randomly appear on the screen. 

Super Heli possesses a 97% RTP and encourages players to use strategic or chance gameplay to pursue substantial payouts.

Super Heli FAQs

What is Super Heli's RTP (Return to Player) rate?

The Super Heli slot game has an RTP of 97%, which is considered a return rate that is friendly to players.

What is Super Heli's volatility level?

With a medium to high volatility rating, Super Heli is capable of both frequent smaller wins and substantial payouts.

What are the game limits in Super Heli?

Super Heli allows a minimum stake of 10 and a maximum stake of 500. However, the maximum win per stake is 4,000, while the maximum Multiplier per round is 10,000.

What are the key bonus features of Super Heli?

The main key bonus feature of Super Heli is the free bets option, which is randomly awarded to players via a widget that appears at the top of the screen. Players can use the free bets or their own real money when this happens.

How do the Auto Play and Auto Cash Out options work in Super Heli?

When selected, the Auto Play option allows players to play a certain number of rounds in advance, ensuring they don’t miss a round or run out of time. When Auto Cash Out is activated, the chosen odds will trigger automatically when the Multiplier reaches the set value.

SoftwareExpanse Studios


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