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SoftwareFelix Gaming
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5-boost-hot-slotPrepare to experience the thrilling excitement of 5 Boost Hot, a popular online game developed by Felix Gaming

This high-speed slot game combines the classic charm of fruit-themed slots with a fresh take, delivering a captivating and thrilling gaming adventure. 

From the moment the reels start spinning, players are transported to a world of vibrant symbols, electrifying features, and the prospect of winning big, especially when utilising the game's special feature called Line Boost. 

5 Boost Hot Overview

5 Boost Hot is a 5-reel, 3-row slot game that features, offering players multiple opportunities to land winning combinations. 

Developed by the respected studio Felix Gaming, this engaging slot game blends traditional slot mechanics with various exciting features, including the Line Boost option and, of course, Wild bonuses during gameplay. 

With 5 Boost Hot providing a colourful but classic experience, players can bet up to 60 per spin during basic play but can then enhance the amount with Multipliers up to a total of 300 total bet. 

The exhilarating online slot game also allows players to utilise the Auto Play feature for automatic gameplay.

Theme and Symbols

The theme pays homage to the classic fruit machine slots but with a modern and electrifying twist

5 Boost Hot features a clean and classic backdrop design, with cherry red as a dominant colour throughout the game's background.

The game uses symbols expected in traditional slot games, with a collection of juicy cherries, vibrant oranges, and glistening 7s taking centre stage. The high-paying symbols include a glowing gold Wild symbol and an equally gold dollar sign for the Scatter.

While the pulsating background music enhances the gaming experience, it loops around with a clear end to the track. However, the occasionally coin-dropping sound on the spin and the other sizzling sound effects add to the overall sense of intensity and excitement.

5 Boost Hot Features

5 Boost Hot is packed with various innovative features and gameplay elements that keep players hooked and eager to unlock exciting new opportunities.

The main feature of this slot game is the Line Boost option, which is visible on either side of the rows. Players select which line they want to Boost from five different pay lines, each with an x2, x3, or x5 Multiplier. Lines that are not Boosted will not multiply the bet.

Additionally, the game boasts classic slot game features, Wild and Scatter, which can be triggered during reel spins. 


5 Boost Hot is a highly entertaining and dynamic slot game that delivers an unforgettable classic fruity gaming experience. 

Felix Gaming, the developer of this online slot, has expertly blended the timeless appeal of iconic fruit-themed slots with a range of modern touches and gameplay features, creating an online slot that captivates players of all preferences.

From the electrifying Line Boost feature to the renowned staples of slot gaming, Wild, Scatter and Multiplier options. These offer players a wide range of opportunities to earn substantial payouts.

There is also a wide range of other exciting classic slot games similar to 5 Boost Hot, such as Wilds of Fortune, Triple Juicy Drops, and Juicy Fruits, plus a selection of Megaways fruit-themed slots. 

5 Boost Hot FAQs

How does the Boost Line option of 5 Boost Hot work?

Players can locate the Line Boost option on either side of the rows. The player can select one of five Boost option pay lines, each with a multiplier of x2, x3, or x5. Bets placed on non-boosted lines will not be multiplied.

What is the reel and row setup for 5 Boost Hot?

5 Boost Hot is an exciting 5-reel, 3-row, colourfully designed slot game that provides multiple opportunities for winning.

What is the maximum possible bet in 5 Boost Hot?

Players can bet up to 60 per spin during basic gameplay spins on 5 Boost Hot. However, this changes when players use Multipliers, as the total bet, based on all five lines being boosted x5, is then 300, which is the maximum bet.

What are the key bonus features of 5 Boost Hot?

The main bonus feature of 5 Boost Hot is the Line Boost option. The game also features classic slot game features such as Wilds and Scatters, which can be triggered while spinning the reels.

Is 5 Boost Hot available to play on mobile devices?

Yes, slot players can play 5 Boost Hot on desktops and smartphones simultaneously, ensuring an enjoyable and engaging online slot gaming experience.

SoftwareFelix Gaming


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