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Introduction Wealth Inn Slot Machine

If you’re surveying the many slots on the market looking for a slot that will offer you a little bit of a luck as you spin, it might be worth pitching up and asking for a room from the Chinese God of Wealth at his beautiful inn that has recently opened up. Cai Shen himself features as the host of the inn, which we would have thought since it is his inn, but also features as a symbol.
It may come as no surprise to veteran slot players that this is a creation of Habanero, who have just released this to the slot world for player to indulge in. The slot offers their incredibly-well executed graphics as well as a classic setup which almost all players will be able to recognise and enjoy. This joins Habanero’s HTML5 portfolio of incredible cutting-edge slots, of which they have now amassed over 100 of!

The slot itself is designed with a grid of 3 rows and 3 reels with a total of 8 active pay lines for the player to experiment over. The maximum pay out from the slot is 1,504 times the stake, which may seem low, but read below to see the massive betting range which gives the possibility of winning up to $12,032,000, depending on the casino. Continue reading below to see how you could be in with the chance of winning even a fraction of that money!

Bet Strategy and Return to Player

As mentioned above, the betting range for this slot is massive. To put it in perspective, it is probably the biggest we have ever seen in a slot of modern times. With the 8 fixed pay lines, you can bet between $0.01 and $1,000 per line. This gives you a betting range starting at $0.08 and increasing up to a whopping $8,000 per spin!
From this bet, there is the potential wins of up to 1,504 times the bet to influence your decision of where you will set your bet. Other influences could be that this slot has a low volatility meaning you will have a steady stream of smaller wins with some large ones interspersed in between; even still the slot has an above average return – the RTP (return to player) is set at 96.64%. For every $100 you bet, you should expect around $96.64 back; remember this is only approximate, calculated from millions of spins.

Design and Symbols

The slot has been designed primarily with the Chinese culture at the forefront of the designers’ minds. The entire concept is based off of one of the most popular deities, the Chinese God of Wealth Cai Shen, and takes place in a stunning inn. Obviously, since this is based around the Chinese culture, it was obvious from the offset that red and gold would feature heavily in the construction of the game and the resulting slot gives us luxury vibes. The backdrop behind the reel grid shows us the inside of Cai Shen’s inn, which has bamboo trees visible to the player through the doorways on either side of the grid.
The reels themselves are designed with a gorgeous red background, outlined with stunning golden boarders. As symbols on the reels, there is Cai Shen, standing proud and looking extremely happy as the Wild of the slot, alongside gold ingots, jade coloured objects and the three knots, coloured in traditional Chinese colours – red, green, and gold. If the Oriental vibe wasn’t as strong as it is, the colour scheme could have you confusing it with Christmas!


Wins for this slot are collected by matching three symbols on a pay line, thanks to the grid design. Realistically you have eight opportunities each time you spin to garner a winning combination thanks to the 8 fixed pay lines the slot offers you.
The wild may offer some assistance to the player as they spin the reels. Cai Shen, God of Wealth, can act as a replacement for any other symbol on the reels and help the player in forming additional winning combinations. Not only does this let the player see Cai Shen in his happy helpful glory, it also boosts their winning potential every time they spin the reels. The winning combination with Cai Shen will pay out at the value of the symbol he aids in matching, whether that be high or low.
Another noteworthy feature of the Wild is that Cai Shen is an expanding wild, who has the ability to cover all three rows when he lands on a particular reel. This is unusual for a modern slot – it is mainly something we frequently see in some of the older slots that are still available for players to try. However, it is good to remember that this slot, similarly to the Chinese Culture, may look modern with a modern front, but it is rooted in the past.

Concluding Wealth Inn

Wealth Inn looks to be a fun slot machine from the offset and since it is not easy to find a low volatility slot on today’s market of machines, a pleasant surprise can be had when playing. The RTP is very good, being quite high above average compared to other slots we see coming out of major slot companies today.
Alongside all of this, there is huge amounts of money up for grabs for those who fancy a risk, and smaller, still incredible, sums available for those who prefer a more relaxed gambling experience. We would have liked to see some additional features, as there are none that jump out to us, but with the low volatility, we can accept the lack of features.
Overall, this is a beautiful slot, well-designed by the development team at Habanero. There is also great consistency throughout the slot with both theme and culture. No matter how this slot plays out, there is a chance for the player to do really well.

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