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SoftwareMascot Gaming
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wild-wild-bet-slotGet ready for an exciting adventure through the Wild West with Wild Wild Bet, a new slot game developed by Mascot Gaming. The game is set to be released on December 24, 2023, and promises a captivating experience filled with cowboys, saloons, and dusty landscapes. The game features a five-reel, three-row game board with five pay lines and a high volatility rating. While the game's RTP and top payout potential are still unknown, it is certain that this game will be available on desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms. Unlike traditional slot games, in this game, you will be creating poker hands ranging from three-of-a-kind to a royal flush.

Wild Wild Bet Overview

The features in this game are all suitably poker-themed, beginning with the influence of the Joker cards. The jokers act as wilds, helping players create poker hands by substituting them for other icons. However, this is not their only function. These cards also tend to land in multiples across the board with every spin. If you are lucky to land three or more of them on the board simultaneously, you'll be awarded a cache of free deals – similar to the free spins round that is popular in other games. The more wilds you land over the threshold to trigger the bonus, the more free hands you will be awarded. Finally, this game also has a gamble facility that allows you to risk individual payouts for a boost in your win size. This manifests as a mini-card game where you can boost your winnings or lose your original win. All bonus features will be explained in more detail later in the review.

Wild Wild Bet Theme and Symbols

wild-wild-bet-JCWild Wild Bet transports players to the thrilling and lawless frontier of the Wild West, immersing them in an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Developed by Mascot Gaming, the slot captures the essence of the rugged and untamed landscapes synonymous with the American frontier during the 19th century. The game's visuals depict dusty desert landscapes, wooden saloons, and iconic Western imagery, setting the stage for a high-stakes and action-packed gaming experience. Players can expect to encounter cowboys, sheriffs, and other Wild West archetypes as they spin the reels in this immersive slot. The thematic elements, complemented by engaging gameplay features, promise an authentic Wild West escapade for players seeking excitement and big wins.

The background for this game is a green card table. Faded patterns and markings hint at a history filled with suspense and intrigue. A sleek, polished revolver rests casually on one corner, a silent sentinel overseeing the proceedings. The cool metal gleams faintly in the dim light, a testament to the authority it holds in this high-stakes arena. Adjacent to it, a half-filled whiskey glass sits with an amber liquid, its intoxicating aroma lingering in the air. Stacks of crumpled dollar bills, some neatly organized and others haphazardly scattered, adorn the table, representing the fluctuating fortunes of those who have tested their luck on this green-felt battleground. The playing board for this game is a configuration of cards slung across the table.

The icons for this game are unconventional in their function. Rather than trying to match multiples of the same icons on the board, players here need to find poker hand combinations. These come in nine types: three-of-a-kind, straight, flush, full house, four-of-a-kind, straight flush, royal flush, five-of-a-kind and natural royal flush. The natural royal flush is the most valuable combination to be found. This game also operates a wild, represented by the Joker card.

Game Play

wild-wild-bet-jokerWild Wild Bet is played on a 5-reel, 3-row machine with 5 fixed pay lines. To win combinations, players must land poker hands from the cards that land with every spin. The betting range for Wild Wild Bet is 10p to £25 per spin. To adjust their bet levels, players can toggle their stakes up and down using the tool located at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Further information, including a short tutorial and a display of the paytable, can be found via the menu button in the right-hand corner of the screen. The spin and auto spin buttons are located in the centre of the screen. Volatility for this slot is rated in the high range. The return to player percentage for Wild Wild Bet has not been disclosed, and neither has the biggest payout that players can win on one spin.

Wild Wild Bet Features

wild-wild-bet-QSWild Wild Bet introduces poker-themed bonus features, placing joker cards in the spotlight. These jokers serve a dual purpose, acting as wild symbols to aid players in forming poker hands by substituting for other icons. Beyond mere substitution, these jokers make a dramatic entrance, frequently landing in multiples across the reels with each spin. The game amps up the excitement when three or more jokers align simultaneously, unlocking a cache of free deals reminiscent of the popular free spins round seen in other slot games.

The number of free hands awarded correlates with the quantity of wilds surpassing the triggering threshold. Furthermore, Wild Wild Bet offers a thrilling gamble feature, allowing players to risk individual payouts for an opportunity to boost their win size. The gamble feature unfolds as a mini-card game, offering players the chance to enhance their winnings or risk losing their original win. The intricacies of each bonus feature will be explored in greater detail later in the comprehensive review.


In conclusion, Wild Wild Bet by Mascot Gaming delivers an exhilarating ride through the poker-themed frontier of the Wild West. With its innovative joker cards serving as dynamic wilds, players not only benefit from enhanced winning combinations but also unlock a thrilling free deals round. The anticipation builds with every spin, especially when multiple jokers land simultaneously, offering a chance for extended gameplay and increased rewards.

Wild Wild Bet FAQs

Which studio developed Wild Wild Bet?

The gaming studio Mascot Gaming created this game.

Is there a free spins round for Wild Wild Bet?

Yes, and with modifiers.

What is the betting range for Wild Wild Bet?

The stake range for this game is between 10p and £25.

What is the return to player percentage for Wild Wild Bet?

The RTP for this game has not been released.

What is the volatility for Wild Wild Bet?

The volatility for this game is in the high range.

SoftwareMascot Gaming


CMarziali / Cristina Marziali