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Game of Gladiators Online Slot Game

Prepare for battle in ancient Rome as the legendary gladiators do battle in Game of Gladiators, an online slot game from Play N’ Go. Players win going left to right matching 3 to 5 symbols on the game’s 20 paylines. And the five reel slot can produce huge payouts if players choose the right champion in battle mode. Fantastic music and animation are staples of any Play N Go game, and this one is no exception. Include that with the multiple bonus features that pop up throughout the game, and players will get a kick out of playing Game of Gladiators.


Ancient Rome is the theme established early on as players take in epic music that brings to mind Russell Crowe’s Oscar winning performance. The animation is primarily the symbols of great fighters who fought to the death in those pits. I was surprised the game added nothing in the background or on the sides of the reels. Yes, a still picture of the gladiator pit sits in the background directly behind the reels. But with Roman imagery abundant in our culture today, I really consider the lack of more background animation as an opportunity missed.

But other than that small complaint, the animation is brilliantly drawn and does its job of putting players inside the Coliseum as the Gladiator battles rage on. Like most Play N Go game, the 20 paylines are fixed. Players can toggle their bets between .20 to 100 per spin. And as players make their bets and spin, the game can access six Primus Attack features as they play (more on those later)


Game of Gladiators features 12 symbols. There are four marble letter symbols. There are also four generic gladiator figures on the reels (these are the gladiators you fight in the battle arena). A tiger symbol represents the wild in the game. And the scatter symbol is an opening gate. As players spin, various attack features pop up to increase payouts: -Spear Attack: After a player’s spin is over, spears will land on various tiles. The spears hit anywhere between 3 to 6 tiles and turn those tiles into Wilds.

-Sword Attack: While a player is spinning, a sword attack duplicates the first reel from three to five full reels. Mega HP reels can be duplicated as well.

-Net Attack: All matching gladiators stay on the board for a re-spin.

-Enraged: The tiger attacks here, turning two full reels into a full tiger, creating corresponding wilds.

-Fame: A gladiator symbol is randomly chosen as the only gladiator symbol that will appear on the board. Players will receive payouts based on both the battle pay table and standard pay table.

The best feature of the game is the battle arena. Players access the battle arena when three opening gates line up on reels 1, 3, and 5. Players will choose one of two champions: Amazonia the female champion and Spartacus the male champion.

Amazonia and Spartacus will become your new scatter symbol. Each time one appears, the other gladiators on the board will join a group in the battle line above. Each scatter symbol will attack and defeat an entire group. Gladiators win if they clear the battle strip above. They lose if they get pushed off the board. Amazonia wins a multiplier of 20 to 100 times for players, while Spartacus earns players free spins.

Review of Game of Gladiators

Few features from online slot games are as exciting as the battle arena. And players can win big in this exciting roman themed game. But keep in mind, the volatility is high and the gladiator game is not easy to win. So if you’re up for the challenge, Game of Gladiators has enough excitement to keep you interested.

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