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Hugo 2 Free Slots

Hugo 2 is one of the more elaborate creation from the developers at Play ‘n’ Go and is based around a video game that was hugely popular in the 90s particularly across the Nordic countries and on Danish television and saw players phoning into the television show to tell the people in the studio where they had to go and what they had to do. Hugo the free slot games was the predecessor of Hugo 2 and saw the famous troll get up to all sorts of antics. The popularity of Hugo spread rapidly across the world and Hugo soon became a household name and a smash hit, so there is no surprise that Play ‘n’ Go saw the opportunity and made a superb online slots centring around this popular character.

There is no doubt that this videoslot is one of the most elaborate to come out of Play ‘n’ Go as the game play, concept and graphics that play out throughout the bonus games are far more detailed than ever before. The scenes that have been cut to play between the bonus games which show Hugo going down the rails in his cart and the mini game that takes place in the free spins is a huge amount of fun. This is without the adventurous bonus game in Afskylia’s den is entertaining and a great piece of interactive gaming. Landing three of the Bonus Scatter symbols depicted by the Evil Witch Afskylia, will start the Skull Cavern Bonus Game. This game takes players into the underground den of the witch and it is up to the player to guide Hugo through the den choosing the right path to go down, in the same way as the 90s game. Hugo needs to get across to the other side of the den and open the witches treasure chest, however before he can do this, the player needs to choose the correct key from three to unlock the chest.


Slot Hugo 2: Gameplay

All the paths on offer to Hugo have the chance to reveal a monetary prize and lucky players may even get their hands on the biggest prize. Players enter the Bonus game with a pre-determined number of lives, dependent on the number of scatters that the players have landed to activate the feature. Landing three scatters will provide one life, landing four scatters will provide two lives and landing five scatters will provide three lives. Therefore, even if the player chooses the wrong road to take Hugo down there is still other chances to assist them through the den.


Free Spins

Players that land the treasure chest and have the right key to open it will get multiple bonuses in accordance with the number of lives you have remaining, and even if you have no lives you are guaranteed a minimal of x2 multipliers. If players have one life left they are rewarded with x3 multiplier, and two lives will be rewarded with x4 multiplier and three lives provide x5 multiplier. The free spin scatter is represented by the beaver, and landing three beaver scatters on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels will activate the troll race free spins feature. Players are given 10 free spins to start and can win a further five or ten spins during the round, meaning that there is a maximum of 20 free spins in the troll race. It gets better though, if players do get 20 free spins, things just get better as they enter the skull cavern bonus game with a maximum of three lives, from one feature to another.

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