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Perfect Gems Online Slot Review

When you prepare to play Perfect Gems, you will notice what makes this game so unique: the seven reels. But not only does Perfect Gems go two additional reels above the standard five, it places one of the reels horizontally while the rest go vertically. That’s right!!! Sitting above six vertical slots moving the direction you expect is this one oddball horizontal reel moving right to left. Having reels move in two different directions can be quite disorienting. But once your eyes get adjusted, you’ll find Perfect Gems to provide visual effects and payouts that are quite pleasing.


Gems may seem initially like the theme of Perfect Gems. After all, they’re in the game and they are all over the reels. But to me, gems are simply the symbols the game uses because they are visually pleasing. The real theme is the wackiness of one of the most unpredictable games you’ll find online. Players with experience using standard five reel slots will have a time trying to find a pattern in the multidirectional slots of Perfect Gems.

And then throw in the multiplier in the top left corner of the board that goes up every time a player wins. There are a whopping 21,609 ways to win. So players have ample opportunities to win big. But how long will it take for players to adjust to the reels so they can make the most of all those ways to win? That is the challenge the theme of Perfect Gems presents to players.


The multiple symbols of Perfect Gems go for a classic feel. A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 royal tiles are standard slot game fare. There are also four different colored gemstones. Land a combination of 3 to 6 (that’s right, thanks to that horizontal line, six) of these symbols on a payline to win. A blue gem symbol will multiply winnings x25 for any combination of 6 on a payline. And in fact, you can get as high as a combination of 7 if the horizontal reel opens up just right. The wild gem symbol appears on the horizontal reel and can substitute for any gem symbol. And land three of the shining scatter symbol to earn free spins.


Three scatters equals nine free spins. But players can earn up to 27 free spins based on the number of scatters they land. During free spin mode, the spin scatter replaces the Perfect Gem scatter. Players earn two additional free spins for each one they land. There are no limits to the number of Spin scatters players can earn. I mentioned earlier the multiplier in the top left hand corner of the game board. Each win increases the multiplier. And once those wins are counted, tiles disappear and are replaced by new ones.

If the new ones create wins, players get credit and the multiplier keeps increasing.  And your win multiplier doesn’t reset in free spin mode. Whatever level your win multiplier was at moves with you to the free spin round. And that level can increase as you collect wins, creating the chance for ridiculously large wins.

Review of Perfect Gems

Perfect Gems can be a very generous game. Big wins happen for players betting at all levels, whether it be the minimum level of .20 or the max bet of 100. Dealing with the 7 reels moving multiple directions will take time for players to adjust to. But while Perfect Gems may be quite challenging, it makes up for the challenge by offering players plenty of opportunities to win big. So if you want a unique game that offers big winnings, check out Perfect Gems.

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