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SoftwarePragmatic Play

powerup-roulette-live-gamePragmatic Play launched another innovative live game from its burgeoning collection in October 2022. Dubbed PowerUp Roulette, this game is immediately recognizable as a roulette variant, specifically leveraging the European roulette format, and it's brought to life with live dealers and streamed directly from a high-tech studio.

The intriguing addition of "power up" to the name piques players' interest, hinting at an enhanced roulette experience. Indeed, Pragmatic Play has augmented the traditional roulette formula to offer greater winning opportunities and potentially larger payouts. This guide aims to explore the mechanics of PowerUp Roulette and the lucrative possibilities it presents to players.

Live Games Overview

Understanding the framework of live games is essential before delving into the specifics of PowerUp Roulette. Live games represent an immersive evolution of digital gaming, offering players the chance to engage in real-time with professional dealers, thereby bridging the gap between physical and online casinos. Pragmatic Play has been at the forefront of developing live games with exceptional technical prowess.

PowerUp Roulette, like all live games from Pragmatic Play, is available for streaming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This accessibility ensures that players can dive into the game at their convenience, on any device, thanks to adaptive compatibility. The broadcasts utilize ultra-low latency and 4K camera technology to capture every angle of the studio, ensuring a seamless and engaging viewing experience. The game interface is designed with user interaction in mind, featuring a live chat option for real-time communication with the dealers and fellow players, and even allows for direct contact with the customer support team if necessary.

PowerUp Roulette Symbols

At its core, PowerUp Roulette is a game of roulette, yet it begs the question: which variant does it follow? The world of roulette is divided into three main types: European, American, and French. The American version is distinct with its 38 numbers, including a double zero, while the French variant is known for its unique rules. PowerUp Roulette adopts the European format, featuring 37 numbers and a single zero. This means that for the basic betting rules—whether placing inside or outside bets—players can refer to the standard European roulette guidelines.

The Ambiance of PowerUp Roulette and Betting Dynamics

Visually, Pragmatic Play spares no effort in appealing to the players' senses. The studio setting for PowerUp Roulette is distinguished by two main elements. The first is the roulette itself, prominently placed at the center stage, capturing the essence of the game. The second notable feature is the screen dominating the back wall, clearly displaying the racetrack and the PowerUp numbers. These numbers are crucial to the game's unique appeal, as they are capable of triggering up to five bonus rounds, offering players the chance to secure additional wins.

PowerUp Roulette Features

The gameplay of PowerUp Roulette starts familiarly, with players placing their bets and the dealer launching the ball into the spinning roulette. However, this is where the similarities with traditional roulette end and the unique aspects of PowerUp Roulette come to the forefront. Before the ball settles, and after all bets are placed, the system selects between three to five PowerUp numbers. These numbers, akin to lucky numbers, open the door to additional gameplay phases, including five bonus mini-games for players who have made Straight Up bets on single numbers. Each of these numbers is linked to a multiplier, enhancing the potential payouts significantly.

With each bonus round, the stakes increase as the maximum multiplier escalates, starting from x500 and potentially reaching an impressive x8,000 in the final round. Players engage by predicting the numbers, with the system introducing new PowerUp numbers in each round, amplifying the excitement and the chance for substantial rewards.

The allure of PowerUp Roulette is further magnified by the addition of these bonus rounds to the traditional betting system, presenting a broader array of winning opportunities for those participating in a game session.


For enthusiasts of roulette, Pragmatic Play's PowerUp Roulette represents an unmissable gaming experience. It not only preserves the thrill of the roulette wheel but does so in a visually stunning studio environment, led by expert dealers. The introduction of bonus rounds injects an additional layer of excitement, enhancing the traditional roulette gameplay with new dimensions of engagement and potential winnings.

The game's approachability is ensured by the familiar rules of European roulette, with dealers guiding each session to make sure participants are always informed of the next steps. PowerUp Roulette is featured in the finest online casinos offering live gaming, attracting players not just for the immersive experience it provides but also for its competitive RTP of 97.30%, signifying a commendably high return to player ratio, especially when compared to online slots.

PowerUp Roulette FAQs

Who created PowerUp Roulette?

PowerUp Roulette is a live online game from the provider Pragmatic Play.

What other live games has Pragmatic Play created?

This provider has many interesting live games under its belt, including Mega Wheel and Sweet Bonanza Candyland, a game show inspired by one of its famous slots.

How to play PowerUp Roulette?

The basic rules are the same as European roulette; plus there are bonus rounds activated by PowerUp numbers.

Can I play PowerUp Roulette in Demo version?

No, the live games do not have a demo version but to participate you must register at an online casino.

Is there live chat in PowerUp Roulette?

Yes, there is live chat that can be used to communicate with other players, the dealer or the support service.

SoftwarePragmatic Play


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