TaDa Gaming is a provider that captures attention right from its name, a name whose significance remains a mystery, yet instantly resonates with a playful spirit and a yearning for enjoyment. Despite its relatively recent entry into the iGaming world, it is grounded on a solid foundation and already boasts a commendable assortment of games. This intriguing blend of freshness and substance makes TaDa Gaming a noteworthy player in the industry. Let's embark on a journey to unravel the offerings and potential of this promising provider together! Players have the opportunity to try free slot machine games without downloading or registration in demo version

TaDa Gaming in short
Statutory SeatTaiwan
Year of Release2021
Average RTP of Slots96%
Game ModeFree
Types of GamesVideo Slot ,  Bingo ,  Fish&Arcade
E-mail info@tadagaming.com
Most Played Slots Sweet LandMaster Tiger

TaDa Gaming

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We have taken the initiative to spotlight one of our providers, as we genuinely believe it is one of the most hopeful enterprises in the burgeoning field of online gambling. Since the advent of online casinos and their subsequent rise in popularity, there has been an unprecedented surge in the demand for gaming content and player engagement tools. A host of innovative start-ups, with technological advancement as their main emphasis, have emerged. TaDa Gaming is a notable member of this group, but it has unique characteristics that distinguish it from other comparably young providers.

Introduction to TaDa Gaming

TaDa Gaming is, fundamentally, a software provider dedicated to developing games suitable for online casinos. These include not only games that involve real money gambling but also “for fun” versions designed purely for entertainment. Examples of popular TaDa Gaming slot demos can be found on this page. However, TaDa Gaming is not merely about the slots they have released; it represents a multifaceted and intricate entity.

An intriguing aspect of TaDa Gaming’s origin is that it emerged as a branch of International Games Systems Ltd., a company located in Taiwan and engaged in the international gambling market with a particular focus on the oriental audience. This indicates that TaDa Gaming, which began operations in 2019 and registered its brand a couple of years thereafter, already possessed a rich legacy and inherited the competencies of its parent company. This legacy is manifest in every TaDa Gaming game you encounter.

Snapshot of TaDa Gaming

  • TaDa Gaming is a software provider specializing in the creation of online casino games.
  • It has its headquarters in Malta and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.
  • Its gaming portfolio encompasses a variety of types, from Slots to Bingo and Arcade games.
  • The company holds numerous safety certifications.
  • In addition to game development, it also provides additional services to operators.
  • Its slots are featured in top online casinos, and demo versions can also be played.

TaDa Gaming’s Game Collection

While the official TaDa Gaming website provides limited information about the company itself, it prominently features the games they produce. This underscores that the games are the company’s most significant representation. Overall, the provider’s portfolio includes over 100 different titles, the characteristics of which we will discuss in detail below.

Each game supports over 12 languages and more than 50 currencies. All games are certified and hold over 10 different certifications. They are also multi-device compatible, meaning they are designed to function correctly on all types of devices, from mobile to desktop. Nonetheless, it is important to note that TaDa Gaming, being a relatively new player, has adopted a mobile-first approach, not only in the design of its titles but also in the variety of games produced. Let’s explore the types of games they offer.

The Game Portfolio

As previously mentioned, this provider offers a diverse and varied range of games. Let’s examine its products by categorizing them.

  • Fish&Arcade: These are gambling games that bear a resemblance to traditional video games. The fishing games, where players literally go fishing, are increasingly captivating the western audience. Notable titles include Bombing Fishing and Dinosaur Tycoon.
  • Table Games: These are classic games like Baccarat and Sic Bo, as well as entertaining variations of Wheel of Fortune such as Golden Land.
  • Bingo: TaDa Gaming has reinvented this traditional game by creating new and appealing variations like Irish Bingo and Bingo Adventure.
  • Crash Games: Games like Tower, Mines, and Go Rush are instant-win mini games where both luck and speed are essential.

However, it is important to note that the majority of TaDa Gaming’s portfolio consists of slot machines, which are the flagship of its production. The slots blend traditional elements and common layouts with innovative features. The striking, vibrant, and brilliant graphics are always attention-grabbing. Titles range from traditional ones like Fortune Gems and Charge Buffalo to more innovative ones such as Book of Gold and Sweet Land. To truly appreciate the quality of TaDa Gaming slots, the best way is to try them yourself using the demos available on this page.

A Deeper Dive into the Portfolio

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the portfolio. The Fish&Arcade category includes games that are reminiscent of traditional video games but involve gambling. The fishing games, for instance, are literally about fishing and have been steadily gaining popularity among western audiences. Notable titles in this category include Bombing Fishing and Dinosaur Tycoon.

The Table Games category features classics like Baccarat and Sic Bo, along with entertaining variations of Wheel of Fortune, such as Golden Land. This category appeals to players who enjoy traditional casino games with a modern twist.

The Bingo category showcases TaDa Gaming’s innovative approach to reinventing traditional games. They have created new and appealing variations of the classic game, such as Irish Bingo and Bingo Adventure, making it fresh and attractive for players.

The Crash Games category includes instant-win mini games like Tower, Mines, and Go Rush, where both luck and speed are crucial for success. These games offer a thrilling and fast-paced gaming experience.

Lastly, the Slot Machines category forms the bulk of TaDa Gaming’s portfolio and is the cornerstone of its production. The slots ingeniously blend traditional elements and common layouts with innovative features. The graphics are striking, vibrant, and brilliant, invariably capturing the player’s attention. The titles in this category range from traditional ones like Fortune Gems and Charge Buffalo to more innovative ones such as Book of Gold and Sweet Land. Playing the demos available on this page is the best way to experience the quality of TaDa Gaming slots firsthand.


In conclusion, TaDa Gaming is a promising and innovative software provider in the online gambling industry. With a diverse portfolio of over 100 different titles, including slots, table games, bingo, arcade, and crash games, it offers something for every player. Its mobile-first approach, multi-device compatibility, and support for multiple languages and currencies make its games accessible to players worldwide. Additionally, its commitment to safety, as evidenced by its numerous certifications, and its provision of additional services to operators make it a reliable and trustworthy partner in the online gambling industry. Try the demos available on this page to experience the quality of TaDa Gaming’s products firsthand.

TaDa Gaming FAQs

What does TaDa Gaming do?

TaDa Gaming is a production house that makes slot machines and other casino games.

What other casino games does TaDa Gaming make?

In its portfolio there are also Fishing Games, Table Games, Bingo and Crash Games.

Where can I find TaDa Gaming slots?

The slots of this provider are present in the best online casinos, and some can also be found on this page in the Demo version.

Where is TaDa Gaming based?

TaDa Gaming is a registered trademark in Malta and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Are TaDa Gaming games safe?

Yes, and it's proven by the fact that they have received some of the most important certifications from independent laboratories.


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