GameArt’s Innovation in Digital Gaming: A Conversation with Vid Daolio, Head of Account Management Team

Cristina Marziali 04/01/2024
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gameart-logoVid Daolio, Head of Account Management at GameArt, sheds light on the company’s distinctive approach to digital gaming. In this interview, he delves into the fusion of originality technological expertise, and player-centric design that defines GameArt’s success. Explore how their commitment to innovation, diverse content, and strategic partnerships positions GameArt as a frontrunner in the dynamic world of digital gaming.

Hello Vid and Welcome! GameArt is recognised for its leadership in developing high-quality digital gaming and HTML5 Could you explain how the approach to game development contributes to the company’s success in the digital gaming industry, and what distinctive elements set GameArt’s products apart from others in the market?

At GameArt, we stand out by combining strengths that set us apart in the industry. We specialise in creating original game concepts that immerse players in experiences enriched by cultural references, historical narratives, and fantasy realms. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures high-quality slot games with stunning graphics, engaging characters, and seamless animations.

Exciting tournaments like Yeet&Sweet 2023, with a €1,000,000 budget for rewards, keep players engaged. Our flexible sales policies account for market specifics, making us a bridge between online and land-based gaming, fostering a synergistic partnership for clients.

With over 130 games and partnerships with tens of online casinos, GameArt has achieved significant How does the company create different and interesting content to meet the preferences of both experienced and casual players?

When we create slots, we always have players in mind. We create free slots online that are tailored to our end users – eye-catching graphics and design attract and retain players, and innovative gameplay mechanics and gamification tools bring them the best gaming experience.

What significant milestones has GameArt reached in 2023, and in what ways do these achievements enhance the company’s position in the digital gaming industry?

In the past year, our achievements have been exceptional. We secured an MGA License, signaling our commitment to regulatory standards. The launch of Yellow Diver, our first Crash Game, marked a milestone in diversifying our portfolio. The Yeet&Sweet promotion, with a record 1 million budget, redefined player engagement. Venturing into new markets broadened our global presence, while forging new partnerships and strengthening existing ones emphasised collaborative success.

In the rapidly changing landscape of iGaming, what recent trends has GameArt observed, and how does the company adjust its strategies to stay ahead in the industry?

We’ve noticed a shift in preferences among younger generations, favouring simpler and quicker games. As attention spans decrease with each new generation, so does the inclination for intricate games. To adapt to this trend, our production team is introducing super simple and fast-paced games, such as crash games and mini games, also featuring vibrant and captivating colours.

Can you provide insights into GameArt’s upcoming releases and new games, and what can players expect in terms of innovation and excitement in the company’s future game portfolio?

In 2024, GameArt is set to release a rich slot game portfolio, offering diverse and innovative experiences. You can expect lots of classic fruit games, more Megaways™ titles, and engaging Hold’n Win games. We will release slot games with timeless themes such as Ancient Egypt, Asia, and the Orient. More crash games are also in the pipeline. We have just released our Q1 roadmap for 2024.

We are gearing up to launch our highly anticipated 2024 Tournaments under the Yeet&Sweet brand. Our Yeet&Sweet brand introduces an exciting promotional system, backed by a €1,000,000 budget, promising rewarding incentives for players. Additionally, surprises in store for operators and players will elevate the gaming partnership experience. These strategic initiatives underscore our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering enjoyable entertainment in the rapidly evolving gaming landscape.

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GameArt’s success in the digital gaming industry lies in its unique approach to game development, combining original concepts with cultural and historical elements. The company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures high-quality, visually beautiful slot games, while innovative tournaments and flexible sales policies ensures a dynamic partnership between online and land-based gaming. Achieving milestones such as obtaining an MGA License, diversifying the portfolio with games like Yellow Diver, and adapting to emerging trends exemplify GameArt’s strategic positioning for continued success in the evolving iGaming landscape.

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