Mascot Gaming present at SiGMA World in Manila

Cristina Marziali 17/07/2023
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sigma-manila Established in 2014 by Eman Pulis, the SiGMA group specializes in organizing events and summits centered around the iGaming industry and more. Over the years, it has consistently grown and expanded its reach to different parts of the world, with its conventions becoming pivotal meeting points. While the past few years have been overshadowed by the Covid pandemic, now that the crisis seems to be subsiding, SiGMA aims to take things to an even grander scale.

The 2023 agenda is packed with a series of significant events, some of which have already taken place and proved to be immensely successful, while others are still in the pipeline. For instance, SiGMA Africa was held in Kenya in January, followed by the Dubai event in March and the Sao Paulo event in June. The upcoming event, eagerly awaited by many, is SiGMA Asia, scheduled to take place in Manila. This exciting event will run from July 19th to 22nd. Subsequently, SiGMA Balkans is slated for September.

SiGMA in Manila

In the realm of iGaming, several emerging markets have demonstrated their strength and ambition to grow and make a mark internationally. Manila is undoubtedly one of these markets, serving as a significant hub for Asia, owing to its government’s policies aimed at digital transformation. It comes as no surprise, then, that SiGMA has chosen the capital of the Philippines as the location for its exhibition fair.

The SMX Convention Center has been selected as the venue, where the exhibition booths will be set up, and various scheduled initiatives will take place. A glance at the online agenda reveals the diverse range of activities that SiGMA Asia has in store, thanks to the impeccable organization by the group. Naturally, what will captivate attendees, including players and operators from around the world, are the booths where leading software providers currently dominating the market will showcase their latest and upcoming offerings. Among them is Mascot Gaming.

Mascot Gaming at SiGMA Asia

mascot-gaming-logoMascot Gaming is an online casino game production company that has been in operation since 2015, with its headquarters based in Romania. Comprised of a young and passionate team of talented artists, Mascot Gaming will be represented in Manila by Nikolay Lobov, Aleksandra Bilenko, Alexander Erofeev, and Anna K. Lobovs. Occupying booth BR08, strategically positioned at the center of the Convention Center, Mascot Gaming has an enticing opportunity as this is the first time SiGMA has organized an event of this magnitude in the Philippines, apart from last year’s iGathering in Manila.

This event provides the Mascot Gaming team with a platform to showcase their latest gaming solutions, innovations, and upcoming slots, while also aiming to expand their presence in the vibrant and captivating Asian market. Mascot Gaming’s portfolio already boasts numerous successful titles, ranging from older releases like Bastet & Cats, featuring the Egyptian deity with feline attributes, to more recent ones like Ben Gunn Robinson, which transports players to a desert island. While eagerly awaiting the exciting news reserved for the Manila audience, you can explore this provider’s offerings by trying out their free slots on our website.

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