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Max Bet. 100 demo coin
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Overview of Stacked slot

Check out the latest game from Betsoft for the magic of surprise. Sit in suspense as the magician of Stacked uses his esoteric power to help you win.

This game can be played for real at and and is appealing to players of all levels with varying budgets.

Stacked allows you to win if the slots produce certain results with gorgeous coloured graphics including playing cards and gift boxes.

The magician is accompanied by his assistant, a chicken also sporting a fine magician’s hat is perched rather nonchalantly on a box and stool. The music gives the impression of a stage magician’s show and apart from the hen, there are other assistants including a rabbit and a dove, then there are the props including an animated magic wand that the magician uses and the magician’s hat.

Theme and Symbols

The symbols include the card symbols of heart, diamond, club and spade. A rabbit which looks a little evil though is well-drawn, a top hat and a rose. The Mystery Box is a wild symbol that can be combined with other matches to complete a win. Six clubs and spades are needed to get a 6x win and 4 for x20 win. 3-4 diamonds or hearts are needed for a x10 and x24 win. 3 roses or rabbits are required for a x20 win though 4 roses will get you a x60 win. 4 rabbits on a payline will see you earn x80. A Locked chest is worth x24 for 3 and x100 for 4 on a payline. The magic wand will result in x40 payout for 3 in a payline and x400 if there are 4 on a payline. Last, a a hat or mystery box results in a payout of x50 and x500 for 3 and 4 on a payline respectively.


Stacked is played using a 4 x 4 grid and 20 fixed paylines. The bets start from $.20 per spin up to $150 per spin. The Return to Player (RTP) is at 96.39%.

Winnings can go up to 664.3 of the original stakes and it’s claimed that the maximum cash value can go up to $99,645. That said this is still considered very low in comparison to most of the other video slot games that are being released currently.

It is possible using the buttons to the lower left of the gaming screen to spin once or to put the game on auto spin until there is a win and the buttons are self-explanatory.


The features for this game include the magic box the appearance of which can complete any combination for a win.

The magician is certainly seen as a helpful character and a range of bonuses can come out of the hat at any one time. An example of this is the Secret Trick where different face-down cards appear on the reels and when turned over they show several examples of the same symbol.

Other helpful aids from the magician include transforming a losing spin into a winning one. Fix the Trick feature allows for 8 symbol positions to be picked and transformed into a winning combination worth 3x the original value. This can occur on any spin that is not a winner. The magician who is always set to the right hand of the reels will become more animated and he then chooses the symbols as mentioned above.

Another cool feature is a random one called Sleight of Hand where the magician can nudge reels up or down to potentially complete a win. This trick however is not a surefire win but it can also nudge bonus symbols into view, which will then lead to the bonus round of the game.

Five spins can go very quickly. After all, what is it that they say about time flying when you’re having fun and this is demonstrated in the multifunctional wild symbol which sets off five free spins when it stops in 3 places at once?


Stacked is certainly a magical addition to the world of online slots complete with beautiful graphics and fun gameplay. The hit rate is 40% in the base game and as high as 57% in the bonus round. IT has been calculated that the higher rate is triggered every 133 spins on average and magic tricks are roughly every 17th and 31st spin. Stacked can be played at top-rated casinos and its medium volatility means that it is a great game for newcomers to the online slots’ world.

Frequently Asked Questions Stacked

What is the Return to Player?

The highest return to player is 96.39% when you use the buy-in feature.

Can you play this slot game for free?

Yes, you can play for free and you will be given … credits which can also be refreshed.

What is the bet range on offer?

The bet range on offer is from 10p to a maximum of £150 per spin.

How many features are there in this slot game?

Stacked has features including Free Spins, mystery signs of scatter symbols, stack, symbol swap and wild.

Can I play this game on my phone?

Yes, this game is completely mobile.

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