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SoftwareBlueprint Gaming

Mystery Spin Deluxe Megaways Online Slot Game

Disco is the goal of Mystery Spin Deluxe Megaways, an online slot game from Blueprint. But while that theme is evident all over the scenery in the game, the main goal is standard Vegas slot. The symbols are what you’d see in any generic slot game on a casino floor.

You’ve got your cherries, your 7’s, your standard royal symbols. But that generic feel also produces great wins with the 6 reel slot capable of producing as many as 117,000 paylines and 10,000x multipliers. There are also two bonus levels to give the game some variety. So settle in for a casino floor style experience with Mystery Spin Deluxe.


The attempted theme of Mystery Spin Deluxe Megaways is disco. The lights that serve as the backdrop and the music enforce this flight back in time. But the symbols and potential jackpots in the game could fit in any area. The symbols aren’t themed to fit the disco era. Instead, they are standard boiler plate casino floor symbols. The game’s 6 reels are a little non-traditional, but the sounds for reel turns and players wins fall right in line with anything you’d see on the casino floor of Caesar’s Palace.

Players can wager between .10 to 100 per spin. Autoplay is available in the game, but there is no quick-spin feature. And Mystery Spin Deluxe is a Megaways game, meaning the number of ways to win presents itself on top of the 6 reel board and changes depending on the variety of symbols that appear.


Mystery Spin Deluxe features 11 symbols. Individual symbol payouts in this game are not large, so keep that in mind when you place your bets. The standard royal symbols feature the lowest level payouts. 10, J, Q, and K all check in with a payout of 0.4 for lining up 6 in a row. The A symbol is only slightly higher than the other royal symbols. The fruit symbols check in with the next highest payouts. Cherries, limes, grapes, and lemons all produce higher payouts on the board. The watermelon produces the highest of the fruits with a payout of 1 for lining up 6 on a payline. The highest payout symbol by far is the casino standard 7.

The 7 produces payouts at x10 for a payline of 6. Mystery Spin Deluxe Megaways does not include any free spin bonuses. But there are two interesting bonus features that appear throughout the game. One is the In-Sync bonus. This is when two reels spin at the same time, increasing the chances for big payouts. The other is where the game gets its name: the Mystery Spin Feature.

When players land this feature, only mystery symbols will appear on the game board. Mystery symbols appear throughout the game during regular spins. They turn into matching symbols and produce big wins. So when mystery symbols are all that appears, players are assured to get big wins. And those big wins could equal as much as 10,000 times the normal winnings.

Review of Mystery Spin Deluxe

Theme and animation are not the reason to play Mystery Spin Deluxe. That is not a criticism of the individual theme itself. The music is catchy enough and the colors are plenty bright and interesting. But nothing about it is unique compared to other slot games. Mystery Spin Deluxe does, however, give you the opportunity for big wins with unique bonus features. And conservative bettors will be encouraged to maintain their discipline in a game that really only rewards with its bonus features. Fans of standard casino fare will appreciate Mystery Spin Deluxe.

SoftwareBlueprint Gaming


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