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Overview Rooster Fury

Created by premium provider Endorphina, Rooster Fury is a comical and exciting new online slot game with a collection of classic features and a unique theme. Rooster Fury is truly bizarre in that the premise that it is based on is a modern less illegal version of cockfighting. You didn’t read that wrong, that is what is going on here. However, this version of rooster fighting is much more Disney studios in that the cockerels are animated and have donned boxing gloves and helmets as though they were humans. We can detect from the various masks and outfits that the style of fighting they have chosen to portray in this game is Mexican wrestling.

Features for this game are not overly abundant but have plenty of oomph when they are triggered. The main feature for this game is the free spins round which is triggered when players land 3 of the scatters on the reels simultaneously. However, this isn’t just like any other free spins feature. The whole round plays out in the style of a wrestling match with the player taking control of one character and the game another. With each spin or ‘fight’ the rewards grow. The most you can win in this feature is 30x your stake.

Theme and Symbols

The theme we have established already is a hybrid of Mucha Libre Mexican wrestling and animated Disney-like cockerels. As strange as this whole idea may be, when it is transferred to the screen you barely bat an eye lash and find it entertaining to boot. The top-quality graphics and zany characters make the game a joy to get involved in, especially when you get to see the fights in the special free spins round. Whatever Endorphina were drinking the day they came up with this was certainly stuff that boosts creativity.

The background for Rooster Fury is the wrestling ring that the various bouts take place throughout the game. Beyond the dramatic flood-lit mat and ropes is the screaming crowd blacked in shadow as boxing crowds tend to be. Because the whole game is structured like a wrestling tournament the screens often change showing leader boards, fighters and various dramatic filler animations that help to energise the game’s pace and level of excitement.

The board unlike the bunting strewn ring is a solid gold affair or at least metal painted gold. The gold colour indicates the glory and prestige of the occasion. The hard metal we think is supposed to make the game seem hard and macho.

The symbols for this game are a collection of the various fighters who compete in this crazy competition. Each of them comes with their name, value and elaborate stance or mask. The least valuable of the fighters is the green motif wrestler who pays out 0.6x your stake for 3 in a row. Next up from him is the blue rooster with the orange helmet. They payout 1x your stake for 3 on a pay line. Next up is the purple wrester paying 1.4x. Up again from him are the orange and red fighters paying x4 and x10 respectively. The top two symbols however are the pink rooster paying x20 and the golden rooster who pays x100 for 3 in a row. The only special for this game is the scatter which is the game’s logo.

Game Play

Rooster Fury is played on a 3-reel, 3-row game with 5 fixed pay lines. To create winners in this game, players must match a minimum of 3 symbols across the playing board from left to right starting on reel 1. To change your betting level per spin, use the bet adjuster tool located at the bottom of the playing window. The betting range is 5p to £50.

Further information regarding the slot, including a display of the paytable, can be accessed by clicking on the settings menu. The spin button is located on the right-hand side of the reels. You can set up auto spins in the game’s menu.
The volatility for Rooster Fury is rated at the highest end of the spectrum. The return to player percentage for Rooster Fury is standard at 96%. The biggest payout that players can win on one spin is 5,000x your total stake.


Most of this game’s action comes through its free spins round which is triggered when players land 3 of the free spins scatters on the board at the same time. Triggering this feature will begin a round of fights that your randomly selected rooster will have to battle through. Your rooster has the opportunity to fight in 6 fights. Rewards vary from fight to fight. In the first fight, the reward for winning is 6x the stake, the second is 8x. The third fight is worth 10x the bet if your rooster wins. The fourth is 15x then the fifth and sixth fights are both worth 30x.

However, if your rooster loses any fight the free spins round stops, and you will instead play one fight with five rounds where the prize does not grow. Landing an additional 3 scatters adds 3 more round to the fight.
The only other feature for Rooster Fury is the gamble feature which gives players a double or nothing option. Players can do this up to 10 times.


With a theme and premise that everyone can enjoy, Rooster Fury is equal parts thrilling and comically silly. The RTP and top prizes aren’t all that but in all honesty, this game is more about having a laugh and enjoying yourself rather than worrying about the bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions Rooster Fury

Can I play Rooster Fury on my mobile phone?

Yes, Rooster Fury is optimised for all devices.

What is the stake range for Rooster Fury?

The betting range for this game is between 5p and £50 per spin.

What is the return to player percentage for Rooster Fury?

The RTP for this game is 96%.

How many pay lines does this slot have available to play on?

There are 5 active pay lines for Rooster Fury.

Who created Rooster Fury?

The Endorphina studio created this great game.

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