Mancala Gaming is a newcomer in an industry with fierce competition and some long established players. Founded in 2019, you could only tell they are new because we just said so. Their work looks absolutely spotless, polished, well refined and would never hint at a fresh software house which just recently joined the gaming arena. Mancala Gaming is young, ambitious and very competent when it comes to Slot Machines Online.

Mancala Gaming in short
Statutory SeatPraga
Year of Release2009
Average RTP of Slots96%
Game ModeFree
Types of GamesVideo Slot, VLT slot
Technology HTML 5
Most Played Slots Sharky FrenzyThe Last Quack

Mancala Gaming

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Mancala Gaming is a software provider that has been operating in the gambling sector for a relatively short time. Nonetheless, it has managed to stand out from the crowd thanks to high quality games. Mancala Gaming Slot Machines rely heavily on innovation. According to Mancala itself, games inspired and intended for younger generations, those who are labelled “Millennials” and “Generation Y”. This doesn’t mean all the other players will not find them equally intesting and captivating.

Mancala Gaming Overview

  • Fresh and innovative software house, aimed primarily at a younger public
  • Large portfolio of slot machines
  • Slot Machines adopting new gameplays and refined graphics
  • Mancala Gaming always tries to find new and original ideas
  • Games are strictly responsive, so they can be enjoyed on any type of device

History of Mancala Gaming

Mancala Gaming was born in 2019 and is based in Prague, Czech Republic. It is therefore a fully legit european reality that started off with big ambitions and focusing on an international expansion. Development team is made up of IT professionals who have a strong passiong for gaming in general, rather than exclusively for gambling. This choice was made on purpose, so to bring slot machine gaming experience to a whole new level. This rendered many of Mancala’s Gaming Slots very similar to proper videogames, recalling their themes, graphics and even gameplays in many ways. Innovation is indeed a core goal for this software house, which set its motto as “we forget limits and habits to create something that is truly unique”. We can say whilst many tried to innovate in recent years, Mancala Gaming definitely achieved success, breathing a new life in its Slot Games and displaying unprecedented freshness.

Mancala Gaming Slot Machines

Not only Slot Machines are hitting Mancala’s Gaming target for innovating. There is also room for a restyled dice game, so called dice slot, as it reshapes a very classic of casino table games into a slot gameplay. How it is Mancala Gaming different? Company’s mission is to raise player’s engagement, involving its skills and competence. This results in specific new gameplays, new game mechanisms which bring forward gamification of Slot Games. This would sound very pretentious if you don’t try it our for yourself. We did, and we found these slots very entertaining and beautiful. They do keep your focus on the game, rather than many other slot machines where you could set up autospin for minutes and nothing happens. In regards to theme selection, Mancala first got all basics covered. It seems a wise choice, so it can please all kind of players, while displaying a terrific range of versatility and uniqueness. New titles are now conceived over brainstorming sessions where all stakeholders share their passions, interests and skills. This brings togheter a mix of different inputs which makes a great difference for final result. Most of the team is young, and this guarantees appeal and freshness for their target.

Mancala Gaming Portfolio

Slot Machines not only look beautiful and fun to play, but also feature a really high software quality and refinement. Software Quality Assurance is key, each game is rigorously tested and certify in order to comply with the highest standard. Creating games able to run smoothly on any type of device, Mancala Gaming managed to secure several partnerships, including with and Mostbet.

We have included some of the most successful and most innovative titles in our selection:

  • Zero Day : set in a dystopian future, this one clearly winks at the younger generations; even at Generation Z which is only 18 years old. This new category of players is also showing a growing interest in online gambling. Using new paradigms, Mancala Gaming has created Zero Day. Inspiration comes from certain science fiction video games, such as Cyberpunk 2077, and street artists had an influence on graphic designers.
  • Portal Master : this brand new 2021 slot might seem less groundbreaking, as it exploits a theme that is quite popular to slot machines, that of magic. However gameplay is very interesting as player has to interact at every spin to decide wheter to collect or use immediately energy spheres which are released after a spin. Thefore player as a choice to accumulate them to release all at once, or use it little by little, thus influencing even more outcomes and winning chances.

As most well-seasoned software houses, Mancala Gaming do not fail to deploy a vast arsenal of bonuses and special features, offering greater winning opportunities to gamblers. Free Spins, multipliers and special functions are not a miss, and also these features have been reinvented or repaginated. It was a big surprise for us and we are quite sure it will be a big one for you too: If you haven’t tried Mancala Gaming free slots yes, don’t miss this opportunity on our page. You are just a click away from having a lot of fun!


Mancala Gaming FAQs

What do I need to know about Mancala Gaming?

Mancala Gaming is a new gaming software house, based in Prague, specialised in groundbreaking Slot Machine Games.

What is a Dice Slot?

Mancala created a game, Dice Slot, which combines the classic dice games from casino and the slot machine gameplay, with reels.

What are Mancala Gaming Slot Features?

Mancala Slot features Free Spins, Multiplier and Special Bonus Features.

What's original in these Slot Games?

These slots have revolutionary gameplays, required a superior level of engagement from the players, thus coming closer to a gaming experience rather than just a gambling experience.

What's Mancala Gaming Audience?

Their Slot Machines are especially developed for younger generations, the ones who like instant gratification and more involvment when they chose to play a game.


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