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Overview Street Racer slot

If you like to live life on the edge, then the latest slot from Pragmatic Play Street Racer could be just the slot from you. The developers have produced a vast array of slots; however, this is the first slot that is driven, excuse the pun by vehicles and other elements. The vehicles that star in this slot is by no means the usual car you would take out shopping or go for a spin around the block these are super charged high performance street vehicles that blast off from any mark, go drifting swiftly around the tightest of bends whilst making the drivers look super cool in the process. If this slot turns out to have just a fraction of the power the street cars do you really will have a unique experience on your hands. So, if you are ready to challenge your inner car racer the countdown will begin.

Theme and Symbols

Street Racer is set in Las Vegas and plays out over a 5-reel, 4-row grid is surrounded by familiar symbols from the Strip such as the Eiffel Tower, the huge MGM lion standing proud and the Paris Balloon. The night-time setting adds an air of intensity to the edgy atmosphere and you will find several punks landing on your grid. The first thing that springs to my mind is that the slot is all a bit Fast and Furious, but who would have thought that the late Paul Walker and Vin Diesel famous films would still be as popular as ever, in this franchise that appears to show no signs of stopping or falling from our minds.

Game Play & Statistics

To join in the race, you need to set the bet that you are most comfortable playing with and these start from a minimum of 20p per spin up to a maximum of £100 per spin and this wide bet range is sure to appeal to many types of player. The return to player is a real plus standing at 96.52% which will certainly suit most players, but it is important that you check this as it can be lower depending on what the operate has this set at. The volatility is interesting, and it is rated by the developers as 4.5/5 however you will be pleased to know that players do have some influence over this, when it comes to selecting the bonus game options which we will look at it you read on.

Street Racer has plenty of movie styling and many elements of this game are remarkably like the iconic racing slot from NetEnt, Drive Multiplier Mayhem. The symbols are one area of similarity, with the premiums taking the form of five racing cars which are known as Firefly, Alpha, Bolt, Ignite, and Vapor. The highest paying symbol is Vapor and if you land five on a pay line and you will be rewarded with 10x your stake. Following on from the premium symbols are the usual playing card suits clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades. All the symbols provide a pay out when you land three or more on one of your 40 pay lines starting with the first reel onwards. The wild could be reminiscent of a blast of nitrogen and it is useful when it comes to creating winning combinations. The wild is represented by the speedometer and can land on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, reels and can substitute for all the symbols apart from the scatter.

Racing Features

When you first come across the pay table you may think that although there are reams of information the features are rather complex, however when you cut through the detail you will realize that Street Racer is a simple slot. There is only one feature that you need to be aware of and this is a set of free spins that are based on a five lap of the racetrack.
The key to the features is the scatter symbol which is represented by the key and can appear on your first, third, and fifth reels and when you land three in view you will unlock the bonus game. Before you race of you will be provided with 5 options, each of which will affect the way the bonus game plays out significantly.

In all cases, whatever driver you select will have their values multiplied by x5. However, it should be noted that the more valuable the driver symbol the less free spins you will be awarded and the higher the volatility will be. It is a hard choice as the maximum win is also directly affected by your choice and these are as follows:

If you choose Firefly you will be rewarded with 12 free spins and the volatility of 3/5, Alpha will reward you with 11 free spins and the volatility of 3.5/5, Bolt rewards you with 10 free spins and a volatility of 4/5, Ignite provides you with 9 free spins and a volatility of 4.5/5 and finally Vapor provides you with 8 free spins and the highest volatility of 5/5.

When you have chosen your driver the race will begin, and a new symbol joins the game in the form of a nitrous canister. For every three nitrous symbols you collect you are bumped up a level with there being five in total. When this happens, you will also be rewarded with additional free spins and the symbols could be upgraded to the one higher in accordance with the pay table.


There is no doubt that this slot will appeal hugely to racing car enthusiasts, and for a slot that offers tough guys, big revving car engines and some famous scenery is sure to gather further fans along the way. The free spin feature is a lot of fun to play and offers some excellent ways to land even bigger wins.
Street Racer is a great looking slot and although the potential could be better it is not a real issue particularly as there are maximum wins of 2,000x your stake. If you have ever witnessed a powerful sports car as it accelerates and zooms off its marker you will understand the thought process behind this slot.
I would rate this slot as a solid 8/10, it offers some fast and fun game play, good features and chances to really rack up some wins.

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