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Slot Details
SoftwarePush Gaming
Demo ModeOn
Min. Bet 0.20 demo coin
Max Bet. 100 demo coin
Available on Bodog

Overview Mount Magmas

Mound Magma Slot Game is on FIRE! Can you take the heat?

Mount Magmas slot game was developed as a LeoVegas Original, and it was seen as a move into the exciting world of volcanology! Just as it takes a certain type of person to sit up and take a chance on a volcano, it takes a certain type of person to take on Mount Magmas and win.

In the distance, the menacingly overwhelming volcanoes are smoking, waiting to blow. This is all around a 20-payline, 5x5 grid. The soundtrack thickens the mood, getting the blood pumping and the heart racing in time with the beat. Think Mordor, but with no Sauron watching your every move. Playable on any device, players get a stake of 20 p/c to £100 per spin to be set. The stakes are what feed the jackpots and the bigger the bet, the bigger the chance of winning.

This Mount Magmas slot game has an RTP that sits comfortably at 96.50%, and around 8% of the total is returned to players through the numerous jackpot opportunities. It’s a volatile, suspense-packed game so if you plan to take on Mount Magmas, prepare to be on the edge of your seat!


One of the best ways that you can collect the coins is by hitting the winning combinations of matching symbols. Reading left to right across the grid, winners will match the symbols and the low pay symbols need at least three to win. These should consist of four leaden looking rocks, and three gems make up the middle of the play table. The high pay formations are three large crystals and these are worth so much more than all the rest. The reason for this is that they pay out for the lucrative two of a kind hits, and they pay up to 75-500x the bet for a five of a kind spin.

If you’re lucky, they come stacked up on each reel, so you can really jump into those full-screen wins. The wild symbol is lava-filled, and it’s worth the same as the top paying premium inthe combinations. It can sub any symbol in the game, except for the Magma Rock symbol.

Mount Magmas Slot Features

There are several features included in this slot game, and these include the Mount Magma Volcano Bonus. If you want to win the Daily or Mega jackpots, you need to be able to trigger the Volcano Bonus. This feature occurs during the base game when a Magma Rock Symbol lands. When this happens, it flies into one of the smoking volcanoes in the background, giving you the chance to activate the Volcano Bonus Feature.

Starting with a Magma Spin, the rewards horizontally spin and the top prize in the Volcano Bonus is wherever it happens to land. This could be a multiple of the stake of the Jackpot, so you want to watch for this. Instant prizes are also possible and if you win that, it’s the highest reward that can be won throughout the feature.


While Push Gaming has a variety of exciting titles, this isn’t up there with the “most exciting” of all time. Mount Magmas may be volatile, but it’s jackpots are very tempting to all players. Would we say it’s one to jump into? No. But it’s definitely one that you should try once.


Frequently Asked Questions Mount Magmas

What Are The Jackpots Like?

The Daily jackpot starts at the same time every day and will pay out within a set period. The Mega jackpot is also fed on every spin and it’s visible on the right side of the screen. The closer it gets, the more likely it’ll trigger with a seed of €50,000. 

Are There Dead Spins?

Staying motivated to play Mount Magmas is easier when you focus on the Daily or Mega jackpots. The time you spend will mostly be with punishingly slow, low value games and dead spins, but they don’t say that climbing a mountain is easy, right? The low number of the paylines really doesn't help!

Will I Win Big?

Bringing it back to the smoking volcanoes in the background, those little sparks can really start huge eruptions and if you keep playing, it’ll all pay off in the end. Mount Magmas will shower your game in coins if you keep going and the high pay tiles are great at bringing that win together. 

The Volcano Bonus feature is a simple one in terms of the process, but it’s not an easy one! There are plenty of layers that have to be worked through to reach the bigger prizes and it taunts you the entire time you’re playing. You might make it to the Volcano Bonus and it’s always there in the background to tease the players.

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