Lucksome Gaming – Napoleon 2 FatStacks™: immersive war-themed slot experience

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Lucksome Gaming, renowned for crafting immersive gaming adventures, proudly unveils their latest creation for 2023, the slot Napoleon 2 Fatstacks™. This thrilling sequel immerses players in a war-like context, combining an updated oil-painted art style with high volatility gameplay, promising substantial wins of up to 20,000x.

We had the opportunity to delve into the mind of Lucksome’s CEO, Bryan Upton, to unravel the game’s intricacies, from its innovative Fatstacks™ Reels to the captivating DoubleLux™ Bonus Buy feature. Join us as we explore the world of Napoleon 2 Fatstacks™ and the exceptional minds that brought it to life.

Players enjoy games with unique themes. Can you share a bit about the theme of this slot game?

Napoleon 2 Fatstacks™ is a sequel to the popular Napoleon: Rise of an Empire slot from Blueprint Gaming. We’ve chosen an oil-painted art style that is similar to the original version, yet it brings an updated flair to the sequel. Our sound designer has done a brilliant job on this project, and it complements the theme perfectly to provide an overall immersive and intense war-like experience to the players.

What kind of player do you think would find this slot particularly appealing and engaging, and why?

I believe slot games are mostly about the experience delivered to the players through the math and everything else around it is only presentation of that experience. The original Napoleon game was a high volatility game against the standards of the games released in 2018. The industry has seen a lot more volatile games since then with huge win potentials. With Napoleon 2 Fatstacks™ we wanted to offer players big wins that are truly achievable like the original game. Players that are fans of the original and new players who would like to see wins in the 500x to 1000x range we believe will enjoy playing this game. The max win on the game is 20,000x we have kept very achievable, and hope to see players hit this target within the first week of launch.

What sets this game apart from others? Can you highlight the key features like FatStacks™ Reels and Progressive Ways to Win, and explain how they make the game more exciting for players?

At the heart of the game, you’ll encounter Fatstacks™, capable of merging identical symbols on a reel into stacks up to 3 symbols tall — except for wilds and bonus icons. This not only boosts the potential ways to win (skyrocketing to a whopping 1 million possibilities!) but also amplifies payouts. Plus, thanks to winning symbols bursting and cascading, you might score additional wins or even more Fatstacks™. When Wild symbols (featuring Napoleon) contribute to a win, they’ll beef up the payouts on winning paths by 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, or even 32 times, based on the number of Wilds involved in the mix. Pair up FatStacks and Napoleon, and you’ve got a powerhouse combo! Every so often, a special Golden Napoleon Wild might make an appearance and if it contributes to a win will kick off the Napoleon Mega Streak . Here’s the kicker: all winning symbols and Bonus scatters freeze in place while the non-winning ones are swapped out. This cycle continues until there’s no room left for new symbols — a real game-changer when Bonus Symbols are in play, ramping up the odds of launching Free Games! – Free Games, ALL wilds are Golden Napoleons, upping the ante for kicking off the Napoleon Mega Streak. What’s more, each Mega Streak session ramps up the Wild Multipliers, capping at a big 80x! Keep an eye out for bonus-scatter symbols during this phase — they can retrigger Free Games. – But that’s not all — there’s the DoubleLux™ Bonus Buy option. It offers a second shot at the  feature while preserving your Wild Multipliers! Ideal for players coming off a less-than- stellar Bonus Buy round, DoubleLux™ provides a comeback opportunity from a minimal win.

Can you explain how the mechanic of symbols turning into Double and Triple Symbols works, and how it creates more winning opportunities for players?

Fatstacks™ is unique to the industry in the fact that it offers varying ways to win, not just from spin to spin, but within single spin. Each time a symbol merges it increases the ways that symbol can form a win. As each symbol can triple up – we could see 1 million ways to win in a spin. Coupling that with the exploding and cascading in of new symbols, each time this happens, more FatStacking can takes place, giving players a feeling of constant excitement and new chance to win big with a fresh cascade and upgrading symbols. FatStacks ™ is an industry first progressive and dynamic ways to win system.

Let’s talk about the Bonus Buy feature. How does it work, and what advantages does it offer to players?

DoubleLux™ bonus buy is one of our most popular features. The feature awards you additional Free Games if your win is below the advertised threshold of 30x. What’s better is that is allows you to keep your progress. In the case of Napoleon 2 Fatstacks™, the progressive wild multipliers will not reset when the extra spins are awarded. This feature is available at a lower price point of 150x in this game for those eager to try it.

Are there any exciting releases or developments on the horizon that players can look forward to?

There’s a ton happening on our end, which is super exciting! Napoleon 2 FatStacks is set to hit the scene on November 23rd.  And let’s not forget Big Hits Blazinator landing on December 14th, boasting endless Free Spins with a surefire Big Hit! We’re also prepping for Party Bucks early next year, a game where players can pick and unwrap gifts or take a risk for larger gifts with guaranteed cash rewards! Plus, we’re gearing up for our third FatStacks release and our inaugural branded game! (Keep your ears open!) Rest assured, Johan and I will be spilling more details about our bustling project pipeline. Feel free to join us on our official website or subscribe or follow Lucksome Youtube Channel or our Lucksome Instagram.

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