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SoftwareGreen Jade

Aiming to make your epic game dreams come true, the Hammer of Fortune slot game has blended an amalgamation of classic fantasy literature and modern movie and video game explorations of the genre. Developed by Green Jade Games, this title is wonderfully colourful. The cell-shaded, cartoonish visuals are similar to the Nintendo Switch versions of The Legend of Zelda to make it feel like a real adventure. In addition, there is an actual story and even a progression map. So pack your potions and grab your mallet. Adventure awaits.

Hammer of Fortune Overview

Hammer of Fortune is one of the most feature-rich games available and is therefore extremely popular. Taking cues from popular, console, fantasy video games and playing as Brin, you must save your village from the evil Gunnhild. Some of the best features include:

  • Loot Chests: awards free spins and cash for three or more in a line.
  • Engaging Story: an actual story that unfolds as you progress through the game.
  • World Map: 50 to 75 spins progress you further into the realm.

The fantasy blacksmith theme of the game worlds will use your magical hammer in your quest across an unpredictable and mystical world. Your hammer can be charged, which allows you to smash away symbols to line up loot chests for additional rewards. Unlike other video slot games, Hammer of Fortune has been designed to play like a video game. It, therefore, introduces elements of skill over pure chance. Because of the great features, you have some control over what happens.

hammer-of-fortune-hammerHammer of Fortune Gaming Symbols

Hammer of Fortune plays on a mid-sized 4 x 6 grid, with wins netted by matching two to six symbols. The game holds some unique symbols that add to the gameplay. Standard, 9, 10, Ace, King, Queen, and Jack are also available. Unique, in-game cards include Gold Bars, Silver Bars, Emeralds, Timber, Anvil, Hammer, Tongs, and Bellows with a turquoise necklace wild. Reels require matches and runs of symbols similar to other games. Hammers are the highest and will award 100x stake for 5 on a line.

How Does Hammer of Fortune Play? Features

This game feels much more like a social media or console game than a traditional slot game. This is no more evident than when arranging loot chests for free spins and generous rewards. To do this, you must charge your hammer to smash away lower-ranking symbols. The hammer is charged by spinning the reels and can hold five charges. Loot chests are as follows:

  • 3 Loot Chests: 2 to 40 x stake cash prize or 4 to 20 free spins
  • 4 Loot Chests: 5 to 75 x stake cash prize or 9 to 50 free spins
  • 5 Loot Chests: 25 to 150 x stake cash prize or 30 to 75 free spins
  • 6 Loot Chests: 80 to 10,000 x stake cash prize or 65 to 120 free spins

Arranging loot chests in a line can pay out a minimum of 40x stake or 20 free spins up to 10,000x stake or 120 free spins.

Hammer of Fortune Overall Theme

hammer-of-fortune-symbolThe feel and playstyle of this game are rather unique. The developer has clearly spent a lot of time focusing on making Hammer of Fortune feel more like a traditional video game than a slot game. If mishandled, this could have been a disaster, but they have definitely pulled it off. The inclusion of hammer smashing to align loot chests makes you feel control over the game with a delicate balance of skill and chance. None of this would have been possible without the striking symbols, polished visuals, and video game features such as the intriguing and light-hearted story and game world progression. All of these combine to actually feel like a video game adventure like those of mainstream consoles.


Hammer of Fortune is an astonishing feat of slot game design. The excellent balance of skill and chance offers a unique way to play; charging the hammer and smashing symbols to arrange loot chests is genuinely fun and satisfying. This lends some semblance of control to the game that you don't usually see in slots. In short, it's a gaming design masterpiece. However, traditionalists will either love it or hate it.

Final Score - 10/10.

Hammer of Fortune Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hammer of Fortune OK for beginners?

This game is very user-friendly and comes with a relatively low RTP of 94.99%.

How do bonuses and free spins work in this game?

Hammer of Fortune has a very unique gameplay style in that you can charge a hammer with spins to knock out unwanted symbols to line up loot chests for bonuses.

How are the symbols arranged in this game?

The game contains all the symbols and cards you would expect, such as Aces, Jacks, Kings, Queens, 9s, and 10s. But it also has unique, in-game cards, including Gold Bars, Silver Bars, Emeralds, Timber, Anvil, Hammer, Tongs, and Bellows with a turquoise necklace wild.

SoftwareGreen Jade


CMarziali / Cristina Marziali