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Slots are popular due to their different themes that people can relate to (such as popular movies or games), their fun nature and the incentive to win bonuses and high payouts. Yet some people don’t want to be sat there endlessly clicking the button to make the wheel spin. This is where autoplay comes in.If you are someone that enjoys playing slots, it is likely that you have come across autoplay feature slots and might have even used them at one point. As with many elements of the internet, this function is served to make the user experience more automated and easier. The function works to take away the repetitive aspect that can sometimes be found with slot machines, making it quicker and more effortless to play the games and reach bonus rounds or hit jackpocks.

How do autoplay feature slots work

Autoplay feature slots are a simple enough concept. Simply put, the feature provides the person playing with the ability to automate the slot game process. It essentially repeats the spinning of the wheels for a set amount of spins, without the user having to press any buttons or do anything. Most slot games make the autoslot play button easy to find and it is generally right next to the slot board.

The slot machine games can all differ with how they execute the feature so it is important before you play to have a look at see how you want to use it. You will want to set up how many spins you would like the autospin to go for. This can be anything from as little as five, up to the double or maybe even triple digits. You will also have to set how much you would like to play for, so how much the cost of each spin will be for you. Remember that the amount you have in your account will depend on how many autospins you can do. There is no point setting up twenty auto spins for a set amount if your balance is not going to cover this. You will also need to set up the usual elements such as how many pay lines you will want to play for. 

If you are worried about setting up autoplay spins and then losing out on a lot of money, you can also set up a feature which will help you to prevent this. After all, while the hope is to win and gain plenty of bonuses on your slots, you might also reach a certain amount in your account that you would like to stop at. You can usually tell the game when your balance gets to a certain amount that you would like it to stop the auto spin there. You can also set up a winning stop. This means that if you win a certain amount then it will stop. After all, you don’t want to go and win a great amount after a few spins, only for it to continue auto spinning and end up with you losing out on a chunk of your new winnings.

While these are the main reasons that the autoplay feature might be set to stop, there are a few other reasons it might pause too. The main one is if it hits a bonus round. Usually these sorts of rounds require your participation and therefore cannot be automated. The good thing about this is that you can see if you win and can stop the auto spin if you are at a stage where you no longer wish to carry on as you have won enough.

Should I use the autoplay function or not

While the autoplay function can be a great way to play the game and avoid incessant clicking, it is not always necessarily for you. For example, if you are looking to relax and play the game slowly and at your own pace, this would not work as autoplay speeds it up, Another one is if you don’t want to put the same amount down on each go. If you are looking to bet a set amount for a consecutive number of gos, then it will work, but if you want to play lots of different amounts, you can’t do this with the autoplay feature.

Another reason is if you like to enjoy the different graphics and sound effects that comes with a slot game. If you have the game on autoplay then unfortunately you don’t have the chance to really enjoy these as they are meant to be played. 

To conclude, autoplay is a great function to have on a slot machine as it enables versatility and people to decide on their preference. It is not something that players are forced to use, so they can either enhance their gameplay with it and therefore have a better experience, or they can continue playing as they usually do and there is nothing lost from it. It is a great feature for any casino game to have and it is likely you will find it on most slots.

Can anyone use the autoplay feature?

Yes. The autoplay feature can be used by anyone and is simple for both a beginner and novice to the site. It is a completely optional feature that depends on your preference.

Can I change the amount of money I bet on the autoplay feature?

No. If you use the autoplay feature then you have to use the same amount for each spin. You cannot change the amount you bet.

Will the autoplay stop if I win money?

This will depend on the game and the settings you have chosen.

Am I more likely to win using the autoplay feature?

No. The odds of you winning when using the autoplay feature is the same as if you were pressing to spin manually.

Does every slot have the autoplay feature?

Most slots do have the autoplay feature, but some might not. If this is something you are after, check before you play the game.

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