90k Yeti Gigablox

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for playing with 90k Yeti Gigablox:
Slot Details
Demo ModeAvailable for Free
Payout 90.000x your bet
Min. Bet 0.10 demo coin
Max Bet. 10 demo coin
Scatter Yes
Wild Yes
Free Spins Yes
Bonus Game No
Most valuable symbol Yeti

90K Yeti Gigablox Overview

4ThePlayer some time ago, released their first slot. It was called 90k Yeti. It was a smash hit and an exciting success for the new studio vying for space in a congested market. Now the designers are back with another version of the game, this time with the Gigablox mechanic. It is not surprising that they have done this, as it is common practice among designers to take a stock game and pimp it with a new feature or mechanic and re-release it.

It takes a lot less time than designing a fresh new game yet adds a fun new dimension to a game they know already works. Plus, they have furnished this release with an amazing 90,000x the stake top prize- the cherry on top of a clever marketing exercise.

The features for this slot are the normal fair usually associated with Gigablox games. These start of course, with the Gigablox mechanic itself, which deposits enlarged blocks onto the reels to help score bigger wins. This is then followed up by a range of random base game features which provide added flavour when the game is slowing down from time to time. Then there is the free spins game, and finally, a bonus buy feature which gives you access to various features for multiplications of your stake, although this feature is not available in the UK.

Theme and Symbols

The theme for this game is the legend of the Yeti. The Yeti is a character from ancient folklore from the Himalayan people. The Yeti in most stories is portrayed as a dangerous hairy beast that lives in the mountains. It is supposed to be bipedal and vicious to all outsiders. The popular understanding of the Yeti is that it is a legend concocted to warn children from venturing into dangerous places unprotected by their community. 4The Player has done a stunning job of recreating the terrifying creature in this game.

The background for this game unsurprisingly is the snowy climbs in which the Yeti supposedly lives. Traditionally, the Yeti is supposed to live in the Himalayas of Nepal in caves and sheltered areas around the peaks. However, there have been tales that place the creature all over that part of the world from northern China, even as far as Russia. The background here is of a perilous mountain landscape choked by snow and ice and in the midst of a terrible blizzard. The only colour is the small prayer flags strung across the right-hand side of the screen.

The playing window is nothing but a few reels of ice, each symbol encased in its only frozen cube.

The symbols for this game are split into low-paying, high-paying and special symbols. The low-paying symbols are the 10, J, Q, K and A in playing card values. On the other hand, the more valuable symbols are the rope, pickaxe, tent, Sherpa, female mountaineer, male mountaineer, and the Yeti. The Yeti is the most valuable of all the symbols, paying out at 4.8x the stake for the top combination. The specials, finally, are the snow block, the Mount Everest wild, and the footprint scatter.

Game Play

90k Yeti Gigablox is played on a 6-reel, 6-row machine with 46,656 fixed pay lines. To win combinations, players must land three or more matching symbols on pay lines moving from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel.

The betting range for 90k Yeti Gigablox is 10p to £10 per spin. To adjust their bet levels, players can toggle their stake up and down using the tool located at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Further information, including a short tutorial and a display of the paytable, can be found via the menu button in the right-hand corner of the screen. The spin and auto spin buttons are located in the centre of the screen.
Volatility for this slot is rated in the very high range. The return to player percentage for 90k Yeti Gigablox is 95.5%, which is below average. The biggest payout that players can win on one spin is 90,000x your stake.


The first feature worth mentioning here is the Gigablox feature. This mechanic basically deposits massive symbols on a set of enlarged reels. Gigablox can appear in sizes from 2x2, 3x3 to 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6. Gigablox symbols, however, are split into 1x1 icons for the purpose of calculating wins.

Next are three base game modifiers, triggered randomly. Each is explained below:
The Yeti Reveal feature – The Yeti smashes a snow block icon to reveal winning symbols.
The Snowstorm feature – The Yeti disturbs the icons, moving them around to create a winner.
The Giga Summon feature- The Yeti beckons a large Gigablox reel with a Gigablox icon.

Next on the feature list is the free spins game. This feature is triggered when you land five or more footprint scatters anywhere on the reels. The number of free spins you will be granted is determined by the number of scatters you land. Once within the free spins, the game guarantees you a Giga Summon or Snowstorm feature. Snow box symbols are also removed when within the free spins. Landing additional scatters adds spins to your free spin total.


If you loved 90k Yeti, you are going to love this feature-rich Gigablox version. What players will be excited about even more than this, however, is that amazing top prize of 90,000x the stake. However, due to the incredibly high volatility, players aren’t likely to get many big wins. This should definitely be something that you bear in mind before playing this game.

Frequently Asked Questions 90k Yeti Gigablox

Which studio developed 90k Yeti Gigablox?

The gaming studio 4The Player created this game.

Is there a free spins round for 90k Yeti Gigablox?

Yes, and with modifiers too.

What is the betting range for 90k Yeti Gigablox?

The stake range for this game is between 10p and £10.

What is the return to player percentage for 90k Yeti Gigablox?

The RTP for 90k Yeti Gigablox is 95.5%.

What is the volatility for 90k Yeti Gigablox?

The volatility for this game is in the very high range.

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for playing with 90k Yeti Gigablox:


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