Push Gaming Exclusive Q&A – Dinopolis turns into a New Exciting Realease: Dino P.D.

Cristina Marziali 17/04/2023
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Anastasiia Mysan and Ihor Lozinskiy, game creators at Push Gaming, talk about how they incorporated thematic and graphical elements from the popular game Dinopolis into its sequel Dino P.D in this exclusive interview with Slots-777. The same warm and brightly colored visuals, current trends, and Triassic time features have been kept while updating the gameplay and story components. Additionally, the Dino Coins gameplay element has been improved, offering tremendous winning potential in both the regular game and bonus. The flexible free spins round gives players the freedom to play whatever they want. 

Hi guys and welcome! Dino P.D. acts as a sequel to your hit game Dinopolis, how have you integrated thematic and aesthetic trends from the original into this release?

We not only wanted to upgrade the gameplay in Dino P.D. but also the narrative elements in the series and what does any town with a casino need? Of course, the police department, where police officers can investigate and fight crime. But Dinopolis is a calm town with honest and lawful dinosaur dwellers, so the cops we have created in Dino P.D. spend most of their days relaxing in the office and locker rooms enjoying doughnuts!

We strived to keep the same vibe and feeling that many players gravitated towards in Dinopolis, so this led to us creating the same warm and bright-coloured aesthetics that were so popular (and award-winning!) in the original release. Dinopolis also contained many modern trends combined with Triassic period elements like stones, footprints and the Dinosaurs themselves and this has, of course, transferred over to Dino P.D.

Dino P.D. includes Dinopolis’ Dino Coins with an additional twist, what has been changed and how does the affect the base game?

The Dino Coins were an integral part of the excitement in Dinopolis and augmenting these in Dino P.D. has seen this mechanic now pay when there are at least five coins anywhere on the reels. These coins unlock huge winning potential in both the base game and bonus with coins values climbing as high as 1000x your bet size!

The mechanics are easy to understand for new players and provide a breadth of mechanical ingenuity to entertain existing players of Dinopolis. This feature combined with our thrilling math model means that players should expect to see the Dino Coins a lot in the base game.

Could you tell us more about the free spins round and what players can expect?

The free spins round in Dino P.D. can have a variable starting state – we really wanted to empower players to play their own way and give them agency over the free spins round. The Gamble Scatter symbol will spin all the available prizes for players including a minimum of eight spins and a maximum of 10. Additionally, no symbol conversions and up to four low-paying symbols can be converted into Dino Coins from the very beginning of the round.

When entering the free spins, the starting configuration is applied and Dino Coins can land as Dino Coin Collector Symbols, with at least four of these required to transform the lowest symbol on the reels into Dino Coins. Additional free spins and multiplier upgrades are awarded with each low symbol conversion. With every level upgrade, more and more Dino Coins will appear on the reels providing a crescendo of excitement for players and even more possibilities for a big win.

After Dino P.D. Push Gaming releases 10 Swords, can you tell us what we should be expecting from this release?

10 Swords is a Roman-inspired release that will see us implement an incrementally increasing pay ladder that is climbed by landing swords in both the base game and free spins round. This allows players to see the max win potential of the title from the first spin in the base game.

The bonus game takes the win potential to another level again allowing players to upgrade low-paying symbols into swords which must be landed to claim the max win. 10 Swords has a lot of action and excitement, with players being able to unlock frequent wins. 

Looking further on the horizon you will also be launching Crystal Catcher and Razor Returns is there anything you can tell us about these titles? 

Both of these titles draw initial thematic and mechanical inspiration from previous hit releases, those being Fire Hopper and, of course, Razor Shark. However, we have augmented these initial releases with some additional features and adjustments to make the player experience even more heart-pounding. With the full release of these titles still on the horizon I would love to come back closer to their release date to discuss them more in-depth.  

It’s clear that the team at Push Gaming is dedicated to providing players with exciting and innovative slot experiences that combine stunning visuals with engaging gameplay mechanics.

For those interested in trying out these titles for themselves, Push Gaming offers free slots demo version of all their games. This means players can explore the worlds of Dinopolis and all the other games all for free. We can’t wait to see what Push Gaming has in store for us next!


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