Mega Fortune God

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Slot Details
SoftwareAugust Gaming
Demo ModeOn
Payoutyour stake
Most valuable symbol Fu puppies
Min. Bet 2.3 demo coin
Max Bet. 920 demo coin
TAGS Latest


mega-fortune-god-slotWhen you look around for slot games to play, you’ll see there is really no shortage of Chinese-inspired ones. Whether this is because the tropes are easy to recognize or because Chinese culture has a lot of good luck symbols, it’s impossible to tell, but there are undoubtedly many of them out there. Mega Fortune God slot is another Chinese-inspired game, this time from August Gaming. Yet, it isn’t just a run-of-the-mill online slot with the same tricks and gimmicks as all the others. This one does have a few things going for it. 

With five reels and 243 paylines, there are several ways to win. The game's reels are crammed with finely produced, colorful symbols indicative of the game's theme, as anticipated from August Gaming, a gaming company that regularly makes carefully thought-out slots. There are wonderfully recreated Chinese lanterns as well as other items from ancient China.

Players will not be disappointed with the game's benefits either. The Mega Fortune God game has wild symbols that, when placed on the reels, mean players can accumulate better, bigger prizes. There is also another bonus symbol available in the game, which brings more substantial rewards due to the large multipliers associated with it.

Aside from the Chinese influence, August Gaming's concept for this game has a retro feel to it. The simple, high-contrast colors make the whole thing extremely straightforward to understand. Wherever there is a user-friendly interface, there's also a lot of slick gaming. The somewhat cartoonish appearance is reminiscent of the ancient slot machines that were once ubiquitous. That is a characteristic that certain players may like. When it comes to the user interface, it doesn't get much better than this. The game's designers adhered to the standard layout, with all controls conveniently accessible. The spin button is big, obvious, and commanding. Symbols, although many and different, are relatively simple. When you win, the game doesn't bombard you with distracting animations. August Gaming has opted to keep the showy items to a minimum.

Mega Fortune God isn't complex, which makes it a breeze to get started. When the game loads, you may want to check out the Paytable first. This is accomplished by clicking on the purple symbol located underneath the reels. More information about the game, its features, and symbols can be found here, which will help you understand how it works before you spin the reels. Next, set your bet using the plus and minus icons next to the blue bet symbol. You can also use the bet button to view a breakdown of the coin value and bet level to help you decide. If autoplay is your thing, don’t worry – you can enjoy that in the Mega Fortune God slot too. 


mega-fortune-god-lanternaIt’s easy to spot the same five playing card symbols that appear in the majority of August Gaming's free online slots in Mega Fortune God. These are the least lucrative symbols in the game, with 10s and Jacks earning no more than 40x. If you get Queens and Kings lined up, you’ll have a 60x win, and Aces means a 70x win. Beautiful lotus blossoms help your winnings balance flourish by up to 80x when it comes to premium symbols. Chinese calendars and ornate paper lanterns are worth up to 90 times their face value. Meanwhile, the most valuable emblem is a Fu infant holding a gold ingot. When these Fu puppies appear on the reels, they can provide prizes of up to 100x their bet. Of course, the Mega Fortune God appears on the reels as well. He is the wild symbol, appearing exclusively on the second, third, and fourth reels to replace all other symbols.


mega-fortune-god-symbol1Mega Fortune God offers a lot of potential for extra features since it is a five-reel, three-row game. The basic symbols are simple to recognize and keep track of while you play. The multiplier feature begins at x1 and increases as you win more. The maximum multiplier amount is x3, which might add up to a lot.

Except for the wild and scatter symbols, you can combine all symbols in 243 different ways. Scatters can occur on any reel, and lining up three of them in a row will activate the free game feature. In this mode, multipliers can reach x10 rather than x3. Naturally, you can activate the free game feature several times.

The rules that govern the wild are straightforward. Except for a scatter, you may use a wild in place of any other symbol. In addition, a wild will appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. Wilds will never appear on reels 1 and 5.

Final Thoughts 

The Mega Fortune God slots package is one of the most appealing online slot games right now because of its cool visuals, classic Chinese flavor, and five reels. It's simple to use and will keep you playing for a long time. In terms of involvement and features, this game can certainly be considered superior to a few others.

Mega Fortune God FAQs

What is the RTP of Mega Fortune God?


What are the Mega Fortune God Slots game features?

5 x reels, 243 x paylines.

Who created the Mega Fortune God slot?

August Gaming.

Are Mega Fortune God free spins available?


Is there a scatter symbol?


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