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Slot Details
SoftwareEspresso Games
Demo ModeOn
Bonus FeaturesWild

The Bubble Rama slot is one of the cuter-looking slot games out there. As a result, it’s one of the more recommended options for players who want a more colorful experience when they’re playing slot machines. That’s coupled with an upbeat and somewhat cartoonish soundtrack that partners well with the visuals. Is it worth signing up for, though? After all, looks can be deceiving. An HTML-5-based game, Bubble Rama is available on almost any device. That contrasts nicely with many competitors, who tend to have different versions based on what you’re playing on. There are a variety of ways that the casino game draws in and keeps players.

An Overview Of Bubble Rama Slot

Like some other titles, the game has a mascot that guides players through each of the features and other aspects. This mascot, Rama, provides a range of tips and tricks as gamers figure their way out through each of the games. Overall, Bubble Rama comes across as somewhat childish, although it’s something that certain players might find appealing. As an adorable, toothy, frog, Rama the mascot might also grow on you the more you play.

Theme & Design

Like some other newer titles, the Bubble Rama slot has gone with a bright and colorful approach to its design. In contrast to others, however, the game has gone with a more cartoonish color palette and design. As a result, the Candy Crush-esque graphics could be too childish for some. If you’re a fan of the style, this could be quite an appealing factor. The design also doesn’t change noticeably between the mobile and desktop versions, which is a change compared to other gambling sites.


You’re probably wondering how to play Bubble Rama. There are multiple differences between this and others, as it’s far from a traditional slot machine. Everything is laid out as a five-by-five honeycomb pattern, which is similar to some puzzle games. There aren’t any paylines, however, as the game pays out all ways. Like some other titles, you use the coin and step values to adjust your bet. There are also a few ways to customize the game, such as an Autoplay feature. You can adjust the sound effects and music, which can be controlled either together or separately.


The symbols in Bubble Rama are as colorful and cartoonish as players might expect from its overall style. There are eight, precisely, that players might find attractive, including a white cloud, a yellow heart, a green four-leaf clover, an orange sun, a blue lightning bolt, a red heart, a purple diamond, and a pink mushroom. These bubbles, as they’re known in-game, can be used to win a 1,000x prize, although only if you match 25 bubbles of the same color. There are two other symbols, however. That includes a black skull, which breaks up bubble groups. There’s also the ? bubble, which will give you an instant cash prize anytime you get it.


The Bubble Rama slot offers all of the standard features that you will expect from an online slot. There are a few others that you might want to be aware of before you sign up, though. The free spins feature, for instance, is much more active here than elsewhere. Working in conjunction with the Rama mascot, you can win free spins every so often. The color that’s drawn with this, through a bubble machine, will result in bubbles of other colors popping. There’s also the multiplier feature, which can vary from between 2x and 5x, which could be attractive for quite a few players. 

Conclusion: final Thoughts

The Bubble Rama slot offers quite a few features for players looking for all the standards. Beyond this, however, there mightn’t be much else to draw people in, other than the multipliers and free spins. These might not be enough to overcome the visuals for some potential players. The Candy Crush-like design makes it seem somewhat childish, although that could be appealing for a certain player base. Regardless, Bubble Rama does everything it needs to in order to keep players entertained while they’re gambling. With the almost constant payouts, there shouldn’t be too many negatives associated with the game.

Bubble Rama Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Bubble Rama For Free?

There is a free option to the game, although this will be more limited than the paid option. You won’t be able to win real cash with it, for instance.

Can I Win Real Money With Bubble Rama?

Anybody looking to win real money online can do so with Bubble Rama. You’ll have to deposit and bet a minimum amount, however, although this shouldn’t be too high.

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