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Cristina Marziali 04/10/2022
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Can you tell us about your journey? What has motivated you to create award-winning slots throughout the last 16 years?

Founded in 2006, Betsoft is an entertainment business first. Our clients and players know that we consistently deliver great gameplay. Their belief in us is our motivation to keep creating award-winning slots.

The original premise was to be the best cinematic gaming content supplier. Whilst still producing world class animated slots, Betsoft has evolved. Nowadays, our innovation is what differentiates us. From players who know our earliest releases to those who are finding Betsoft content today, our values are distinctive and our style is instantly recognisable. By continually opening ourselves up to new markets, player demographics, cultures and ideas, we are constantly inspired and motivated to keep building the Betsoft brand.

But many things in the industry have changed over the past 16 years: regulation and certification have had significant impacts on how we work. This has served to make us more efficient and accountable in ensuring safer play. Betsoft games are certified by the Malta Gaming Authority, Romania and the Danish Gambling Authority as well as in Italy and Spain and licenced across multiple jurisdictions including LATAM and Africa. With the recent regulation of the Dutch and Belgian markets, we have also reinforced our presence there.

How does Betsoft create entertainment value for its players?

Players engage with slots for many reasons – not just for wins, important as those are. Entertainment can come through characters and themes for example. Other players cite the sense of achievement they feel as they trigger features or reach specific levels. So our games are designed to offer all-round entertainment.

Due to this entertainment value, we appeal across demographics: if you were to pick any theme or storyline – magic; adventure; dragons; prehistory; aliens; treasure hunters; mad scientists; cops & robbers – Betsoft will have a great game that appeals to new players and high rollers alike.

What is unique about Betsoft releases? What features make your games special?

iGaming is a very a crowded and fast changing market. What makes Betsoft unique is the way we have always developed by pulling together a number of separate elements. Through this, we have created a Betsoft brand DNA which means players actively seek us out by name. We have achieved this through being a content provider who designs mobile first, has a distinctly recognisable style and puts players at the centre of both the product and the service. This all adds up to make us a standout brand consistently delivering fantastic products.

Furthermore, our games are instantly recognisable due to the outstanding quality of the whole product. From the narrative, animations, soundtrack, features, to the RTP and volatility, every game is created to be the best available. The simplicity of many releases draws in players but the variety across our 200+ portfolio keeps players engaged. 

We make the user experience a priority in order to build and sustain a strong brand. As technology continues to evolve, users’ expectations grow with it and today’s customers expect effortless experiences at their fingertips. At Betsoft, we deliver that.

From a specific perspective, all Betsoft features are designed to create anticipation, excitement and personal fulfilment for players. We are known for our signature features – the Betsoft Buy-In for example. However, each feature must support the theme or story of the game and we are unique in how we build the features in to enable the game to progress. We never just bolt on features; they are always intrinsic to the game.

The ‘Take’ games – Take the Bank™; Take Santa’s Shop, Take Olympus™and Take the Kingdomall work very different themes but are linked by the amazing spin cycle countdown feature. From a cartoon bomb in Take the Bank™ to the incredible Cycle of the Gods in Take Olympus™, player excitement is generated through a mix of timing and win potential for a real adrenalin pump.

However one of our most exciting and feature laden games is Triple Juicy Drops. It offers high variance, high volatility play in a 5×5 cascading slot, so the opportunities for multiple win opportunities have never been better. Other releases have a base game that explodes into a second screen bonus once the features are tiggered, such as Mr Macau™; Stacked™; and all the ‘Take’ releases. This brings a new meaning to immersive play and gamification. It ensures players rate our games as best in class.

Tell us about your in-game promo tools

Changing the way we play was the driving force behind Betsoft Drive our in game promo tools. We wanted to increase the connection players have with us, boost game performance and give bigger wins.

The first tool we released was Take the Prize™ . This offers a random fortune wheel with cash prizes or bonuses in the qualifying games throughout any promotion. Prize winning spins can be triggered at any point in the game. It is also applicable in any chosen game from Betsoft’s diverse and award-winning portfolio.

Mobile friendly and available to play on any mobile device, operators can be part of a standalone or multiple promotions on the same games during the same promo period, leading to substantial wins and massively exciting gameplay. The impact has been significant in terms of uplift in players and rounds played for example. Gamification is an important element for us and a way to make our great games even better. Players benefit from being part of a major promotion, random and exciting additions to the games plus the opportunity for significant wins

 Can you tell us more about your latest and best releases?

There are so many ways of assessing a game’s success – long-term and short-term popularity, by bets wagered, awards won and so on. Many of the older releases such as Primal Hunt™, Stampede™ and Chilli Pop™ are all still hugely popular. Take the Bank™, our comic bank heist release comes complete with count down bombs to blow the bank vaults and superb animations. It has been a big hit with players since release. However, newer releases including Triple Juicy Drops, Gemini Joker™ and Wilds of Fortune  are also contenders for ‘Best’ game in our portfolio:

 Triple Juicy Drops™ is one of the most visually stunning slots around. It also brings one of the biggest jackpots to players. Add in 95.73% RTP plus 20,534x your stake and the sheer scale of the winning jackpot is eye wateringly fruitful!

Gemini Joker™ brings retro styling and plenty of multipliers for ‘classic gameplay with a twist’. The double Joker Wilds bring free Respins and a multiplier to create big win opportunities.

But it is Wilds of Fortune™ that is currently Betsoft’s best performing game and has been in the Top Three since release. It feeds into the desire for nostalgia and personalisation in equal measure. Players step back in time to a different era where playing slots meant pulling a lever, watching the rolling fruit symbols drop into place and hearing the fabulous ‘Ker-ching’ sound of your cash winnings tumbling down the chute.

The colourful casino design and soothing background music are designed to create a retro feel to bring real life casino experience is brought right to the palm of your hand for plenty of big win chances. And, with very light deployment and fast loading times, Wilds of Fortune ™  is especially mobile friendly and ticks every box for features and volatility to keep players coming back for more. So definitely a Best from Betsoft.

What’s next in 2022?

We are more about quality over quantity in our releases, but the company is expanding and we are also always looking for new talent to join us.

Naturally, we have several releases in production, including a fantastic pirate themed release – Captain’s Quest™ Treasure Island followed by the seasonally themed releases Rags to Witches™ and Sleighin’ It™ amongst many others taking us through to next year.

More tools and promotions are also underway, with our latest in game Tournament ready for launch. Betsoft has a fantastic new game in the pipeline. This is quite a change of direction for us and to say we are excited is an understatement. Watch this space!

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